June 7, 2011


Well I did say that it would be sporadic here for awhile...

Ok so summer is here! It's hot! Things are still busy, but not in the same way.

There is still baseball, although that is coming to an end. Then we start swimming lessons, but that is just for a week. This past weekend we had a big beach birthday party for my two oldest girls. It was a lot of work, sort of expensive and only 1 of the girls came that we invited!!!! So that really took it out of us!

Mainly, I had just gotten so used to not using the computer that I forget to check the blog and write on it. My plan is to remember though!

Another thing is my camera is not doing so hot, and part of blogging for me is using pictures. So I forget that too. And sometimes you just don't have much to say.

But I do have some things to say now :) However I hear some children whining so I have to go for now...