June 3, 2009

Our Garden

This is for Mrs. Darling at the Dishpan Dribble blog. She has been posting a lot about her garden and I thought I'd go ahead and upload this video I did on Monday. Sorry the sun is glaring badly in some parts, it was hard to tell on the camera screen how it looked, but most of it is alright.


Tereza said...

Mosquito plants...wow never heard of them before...i need those!!!
You have such a pretty voice!

Mrs. Darling said...

Loved the video. I noticed that you planted a lot in the shade. Is that because of your hot summers? Here if you plant in the shade you will get nothing because we barely have a long enough growing season even in the sun!

Thanks for doing this for me! I love this sorta stuff!

Shannon L. Fowler said...

What a nice garden!!

Where did you get the stevia?? We use the powder, never tried the actual plant.