May 27, 2013


Well, I've been absent awhile. I have some big news to announce and I've just been trying to avoid it.

We are no longer homeschooling. I have mixed feelings but I will say that overall I very much enjoyed the time we spent together learning this year. There were some tough days, but many more good days that I will cherish.

We are so blessed to be sending our children to a Christian school. I am really excited for them. A couple of months ago my husband brought the idea to me, which is astounding as he was always the one who resisted the idea a bit. It has always been my dream for my own children to go to the school I went to, and because of God's blessing, we are now able to do it.

Christian Heritage School is so awesome. I know many think that nothing will compare to teaching your own kids, but I do not have the ability to teach them like these people will in the subjects I want them to learn. I simply have too much to do and the pressure is too great at times. However I see that God has used this time as a transition from public school to a much more demanding academically private school. I am a little sad that we aren't homeschooling, but I know that they will receive so much at the school.

Here is a link to the school for any curious people.

Other than that, we have been very busy with our girls winding up spring sports and dance classes, along with all kinds of birthday parties and end of year parties and so on. I have already 'dismantled' our homeschool set up and am preparing for a yard sale! I am really looking forward to summer and lots of free time to do whatever we want!

I started an exercise program, very slowly, called T-Tapp. It's only a 15-20 minute workout, so I think I can handle it. Plus I've been doing lots of yard work and we put up our swimming pool, so surely I can get more active with all of that! I don't know what I'm going to do with the blog. I have other interests now and I forget about it...a lot :) We'll see, as the Lord leads.