August 31, 2009

A Day in my Life Part 2

Well, that didn't last long :) Sleepy time again. Then I worked on the toy situation. Hopefully I got rid of a lot of small pieces that have been traveling throughout the house.

Next I did the dishes, switched laundry, defrosted some chicken and started some banana muffins.

I also planned to bake granola bars, but I don't have honey, so I may try subsituting corn syrup later. My husband called to tell me he wasn't feeling well and was coming home. (He is better now) We ate a quick lunch- corn dogs and sanwiches :) Sarah decided to help Daddy feel better by giving him her Barbies :)

Next it was Sarah's nap time and time for baby to eat again. You'll notice I follow a pattern- eat, wake, sleep over and over again. If she doesn't wake up after three hours from her last feeding, I wake her to eat. This helps set her internal clock to be more awake during the day and sleep longer at night. She is doing wonderfully since I switched her formula to something more substantial.

Then I sat down to work on uploading some pictures. Baby is awake, but sleepy, and I can hear her grunting in her bassinet. I've been watching her sleep cues- yawning, drowsy eyes, slightly fussing...and then I lay her in the bed, give her the pacifier if she wants it and cover her with a loose weave soft baby afghan. She has been putting herself to sleep pretty well lately. As much as I would love to rock or hold her to get her to sleep, it's just not possible for me to do that every time. In the long run, both our lives will be better if I help her to get herself to sleep now :)

Next, I was tired and managed to fall asleep for quite awhile! I hate that feeling of waking up, not expecting to fall asleep, and trying to remember what happened! Time for baby to eat! Leiah was due home then, and soon after Alexa. My husband took a video of that instead of pictures. Then they had snacks and played while I started dinner.

We are having lemon rosemary chicken, a Greek type salad and seasoned yellow rice. Plus we have leftover carrot cake :)
Playing tea party and watching a movie.

A Day in my Life Part 1

Yes, you are going to see a 'typical' day in my life. There is no typical right now- it just is what it is. When I decided to do this all was normal, but all morning things have been going crazy! But I'll do the best I can, probably in parts.

I had a long to do list today. I actually got close to a full night of sleep and felt normal. SoI felt ambitious.

My List:

several piles of laundry to do
straighten the whole house
wipe down bathrooms
empty all trashes
rotate toys
bake muffins and granola bars
plus the daily dishes and meals and baby feeding/care

Samantha woke up at around 5:45 am. She ate and burped and I changed her, then laid her in my spot on the bed. I got up and made school lunches, coffee, and started breakfast. Then I helped the older girls get dressed for school. Baby was awake still so I brought her to the living room and sat her in the swing.

Various craziness happened then, in which I hurriedly threw on a dress and shoes to drive the girls to school, but then I didn't have to. Baby went to sleep while I sat down with some coffee. I decided to turn the computer on but it wouldn't work. My husband came back home after dropping off the girls to hook up this one.

While he did that, I worked on this room.

Then I put some clothes in the washing machine.

Then I worked on tidying up and trying to figure out how to resize a picture on this computer :) By the way, Sarah has been eating breakfast and watching her favorite Tom and Jerry during all of this.

Then my phone started ringing with calls regarding my uncle who passed away this morning. I needed to wake the baby to feed her- approximately 9am now. All done and time to change diaper and clothes. Now she's ready to be awake awhile.

Special post coming

Keep watch- I have a surprise coming. Well, nothing major, just a more involved post than the last several weeks. I am using our old desktop computer from 1997 because our laptop is having issues, so it may take longer.

Check back!

August 28, 2009


My girls have almost completed their first week of school. My oldest, Leiah, is used to the routine of school. Remember she started the special program when she was 3! We are continually amazed at how great this school is. It is obvious that we were directed by the Lord to move here. The attitude towards Leiah and informing me about things is completely the opposite of the other school. I actually know what's going on!

Alexa, the 5 year old, this is her first year. She is doing well. She doesn't talk a lot about it when she gets home, I ask her a few questions, but later when we're eating at the table she shares more about school. So far she can't remember any of the kids' names! She's doing great though and has adapted to the new schedule well.

I know there are a lot of people with very different strong opinions regarding public schools. I would certainly agree that the majority of public schools are not the best place for children to learn good morals and values. Having gone to this school myself, I know that this school is very open with Christians. In fact, I think they say a prayer in the morning over the intercom. There is a church on every street in this town and they even play Christian music in the grocery store. I have no doubt that there are bad things as well, but overall, they are in a great environment.

I think homeschool is great. For me it's not a matter of being able to teach my kids, it's more about controlling them. Honestly, I have been in the dark with how to get my girls to be obedient every time and to coexist peacefully. A lot of it has to do with the fact that the oldest is like the three year old, and in her frustration at not being able to talk, she retaliates by force. (pinching or scratching or biting) The second child is very spirited- extreme in her highs and lows and somewhat strong willed. She has been a challenge for me. After many years of work and much prayer, she is doing much better now.

The three year old has been sort of 'lost in the crowd' and I am now seeing a lot of behaviors I don't like now that she is alone with me. So, homeschooling just seems like a nightmare to me! I just don't get excited about it like other people do. I like school and always wanted to teach, but I never wanted to teach little ones. It's very hard for me to stay on that level for long,lol.

So, I wholeheartedly condone homeschool. I think kids who are homeschooled are generally more adjusted to real life and smarter than others who have been in public school their whole lives. I hope to get there some day. But for this time we will do public school. I do plan to work with Sarah on preschool things as I can. I need for the baby to get on a more predictable schedule! I've never had one that wanted to eat all the time!

August 27, 2009

Gaining and Losing

What a crazy week! Today I finally get to just be at home. Good thing too, because there are some things needing attention around here. Thanks so much for all the 'recipes' and links to blogs and more recipes. I greatly appreciate it. I've had to pray for my appetite to come back for the sake of my family- nothing sounded good to me, but they're hungry!

Speaking of which, I went for a quick check of my incision yesterday and I've lost over 20lbs in two weeks! I didn't even gain 20lbs during the pregnancy. That's what a lack of appetite will do for ya I guess. I'm exploring various weightloss options right now. I'd like to do it on my own rather than pay for a program or something. I'll have to wait the full 6 weeks before I can start walking very far, but I hope to work on the eating soon.

Baby girl however is gaining. At her appointment she had gained a full pound since she went home from the hospital and grew two inches. She's already getting too long for the newborn sleepers. She is a chow hound though :)

I am so thankful and blessed for the weather we've been having. Generally at this point, us Texans are just SICK of the heat. August is in the 100s daily with loads of humidity. However, it has been cool and breezy in the mornings, and slowly warms up. By the afternoon it is HOT, but at least it's sort of like fall.

We're so ready for fall too. I can't wait to get all the pretty fall decorations out and light up the spicy candles. That is if I can find it all, LOL. Moving sure does misplace stuff. I look forward to fall as well because then it will be cooler and we can work on getting the outside of our home looking nice. We have lots of trees to clear out and I've been planning what plants to put where. We've never had the opportunity to do this before because we rented. Now it's our own place.

Oh and I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten about my herbal medicine making videos. I have all the herbs and jars ready, I just have to make a trip to a, ahem, 'wet' county to get the needed 80 proof alcohol to make the stuff. And, we just haven't had time for that yet. I do think about it a lot though and am looking forward to getting to a point to where I can do it! I need to get it going soon huh? I just have to slowly work into being able to do things I used to do, like sewing and bread baking, which I miss a lot! Right now it's all about covering the basics and holding that baby!

Rambled enough here...time to get the coffee!

August 24, 2009

I'm still here!

I guess from now on my life will be somewhat chaotic. I have to admit, I sure do wish August was over! We've done so much in such a short time, I'm ready to get things into a rhythm :)

Today was the first day of school for my older two girls. They will be arriving home in the next hour and I'm very interested to see how it went for Alexa since this her first time going to school. I can tell you what, I can't believe how tired I am. Baby will have some good nights and not so good ones. Naturally last night wasn't too good. She wasn't crying or anything, just hungry and not settling back down to sleep. My eyes were literally red around the rims! I had to plaster on some makeup so I didn't look so bad...

My husband and I took the girls to their classes and it is so neat. This is such a great school- they make it seem like Disney World with their enthusiasm. I am in the process of creating a good schedule for the family so things run smoothly. This will be an experimental week. Of course, nothing is set in stone with the baby. She is still unpredictable, but soon we'll get into a more definite schedule.

I have no idea when I'll be blogging. I will be around of course, but I hadn't been online since Saturday as things are quite busy. I'm sure you all understand :)

I want to ask you all, since you're such lovely readers, to please give me your favorite crockpot meal or quick meal recipes. I need to come up with a menu for us and I'm totally and completely blank! I would greatly appreciate help :)

Also, I was wondering if you could put some links of your favorite blogs. I've gotten kind of limited on what blogs I read because many of them stopped blogging and I haven't really found new places to 'go' yet :) Thanks in advance for the ideas, recipes and links. You're all wonderful and I wish I could give real hugs and smiles to you all.

Time to back soon!

August 22, 2009

No looking back

There hasn't been much time for blogging lately. My second daughter became ill the other night, and our new baby kept me up for most of that night too just being cute and awake :) My head is definitely spinning with everything that is happening right now. I don't feel like myself yet.

My mind keeps going back to what my 'old self' was, like before I was pregnant and we lived in that rent house by the swimming pool. (there are pictures of that house somewhere on the blog) I was super lady! Strong, healthy, in control, juggled many projects like making quilts etc. I tend to want that back.

But God has been reminding me not to look back. That was a good time- a faith building season of our lives that He used us in other people's lives directly. But that time is over and we are in a new place. We have literally started over.

We live in a new town, in a new house that is our own now. We have a new baby, our oldest children will be attending school, and little Sarah is really growing up too. Nothing is the same as it was and won't be. We're like a new family now. For awhile my main focus will be just trying to keep up with basics- meals, cleaning, laundry, getting everyone to the right places, baby care, not to mention continuing on with unpacking things that I haven't gotten to yet and organizing it all.

I had to be extremely frugal in my super lady days- everything from scratch. Now I don't, and frankly, not a lot I cook these days is from scratch. I will do better, and I really really miss cooking right. I look forward to sourdough bread again and homemade sauerkraut and raw milk :) We will be getting chickens in the future, and you can be sure we'll have a big garden next year.

I can look back fondly and wish I could be that person again, but that's not what God wants for me. He wants me to embrace the new and allow Him to take me through whatever process to grow more. It's better to not be Martha, serving the Lord but needing everything to be perfect. It's better to have a little dirt on the floor and some sticky surfaces and some overflowing dishes and laundry, so you can spend time in the presence of God.

For someone seriously sleep deprived, I still have some good thoughts huh? LOL! It's all God- in times that I feel really stretched and stressed, He puts new songs in my head of praise to Him and victory and that He's taking care of us. Or bring someone by that can uplift and encourage me, or I'll find something on the Christian channels that perfectly speak to me.

Baby Samantha is getting pudgy! She has lost that newborn wrinkled look and is filling out. I guess if I were eating a full meal every two hours and sleeping all day I'd get chubby too! She is so sweet and so cute. When she's awake she just looks around and tries to eat whatever is close to her mouth. Yesterday I had her resting on my shoulder while I was getting her bottle, and she started sucking on my cheek! Funny pictures to come.

August 19, 2009

Turned a corner...finally!

If you would have told me a week ago that I would be almost pain free, I probably couldn't have believed it. All the prayers being prayed for me are working because I'm amazingly better. Today is my first day going it alone. I was able to get dressed, make my bed, do some laundry, do the dishes, vacuum the living room, thaw dinner, feed, change and hold baby...oh and someone needed a swat in there...LOL. I can actually walk normally too. This is huge because for months I've been waddling since my hip/groin area was hurting so much.

By the end of the month, I might be able to wear something with a waist! Incidentally, I've been wearing a belly binder some. I can't wear it constantly because I get sore. But it does help 'hold things together' and kind of supports the unfortunate loose skin above my incision. Too much info I'm sure. WISH I would have known about those things years ago.

Samantha did much better last night. She had a 4 hour gap between feedings at one point, so I was able to get at least 5 hours of sleep, possibly 6, can't remember. Sleep makes a difference! Looking at her I can't help but grieve for all the would-be parents of aborted babies. They will never ever know the wonder of holding a brand new life that came from them. My husband and I didn't really do a whole lot in the process of her getting here, and here she is, perfect and complete and innocent and pure, a brand new person that's never existed before. I find myself randomly crying because I don't feel worthy at times to do this. I just feel incredibly blessed to have another sweet baby.

Of course I randomly cry about once a day...anyways...

Next week school begins, and thus another change for us. Just when we sort of get used to one thing, another new thing comes in and changes the family dynamic. I've planned for my children to ride the bus because I'm not sure how to coordinate everything at this point. However, that may change. Amazingly, the lady who is in charge of the buses is my neighbor! There are also several special needs children in our neighborhood who will be in Leiah's class! More and more things keep pointing to the fact that it is no accident that we are here now. We were meant to be here.

Somehow, I will have to get up and get everyone ready before 7am. This may be a huge challenge with the lack of sleep. I may have to go to bed at 9! I look forward to our life settling into a daily rhythm...many uncertainties the last few weeks and months!

Time to stop rambling! Sorry yall!

August 18, 2009

1 Week since birth!

Well, if you're looking for inspirational homemaking tips, this isn't the place to get it. Nor is it the place to learn about frugal living, great recipes, child training tips etc. Right now it's all about survival.

The past several days have been filled with feeding and changing, burping and pooping or not pooping, pain medications, pumping, messy rooms, piles of stuff from moving etc. So, I have nothing to offer at the moment for anyone needing inspiration.

I can however, update you on how it's going. I'm MUCH better. I have some incision pain and some gas pains, but I'm off the powerful pain pills. Good thing too, because I was having some unpleasant side effects. I can do a few things now, like start a load of laundry, hand wash the dishes, pick up around the house etc. Mostly I'm feeding the baby, burping the baby, holding the baby and changing the baby. Today is my first day to be alone with all 4 children. So far it's ok because my mom was here for the morning and they're all supposed to be napping.

Little Samantha wanted to eat every 2 hours last night, and the night before didn't even go to sleep till 3am, so I'm ready for a nap myself and my husband is struggling to stay awake at work. Pumping breastmilk has ceased. Why? She prefers the formula...after all of that! Plus, as I got to researching it, there is just no way I can commit to exclusively pumping. I do not have the time. So, I will be doing a homemade formula with raw milk soon, once I can drive again and we get a little more organized.

I took a post baby picture yesterday, but have yet to get it on the computer. Just thought it would be interesting to compare my stomach with the other pictures. I don't know how much weight I've lost yet. My appetite hasn't been good- just haven't been all that interested in food yet. I hope to get myself eating healthier and hopefully start walking the neighborhood in a few weeks.

Here is a video of my three year old daughter Sarah singing to her baby sister. I'm not real sure what she's saying, but it's really cute. (Sarah rarely ever wears clothes at home. We're lucky she had underwear!)

August 16, 2009

Various things

Home alone here. The rest of the family is at church. I am actually glad to have some time alone in peace :) Today is my husband's birthday. He took the early morning feeding for Samantha and I got a little more sleep, so I felt like making him breakfast this morning. That's a major thing, because at 5:30am I was crying from incision pain. I finally broke down and took double the pain medication. Sure did help!

I was about to give up on the whole pumping breastmilk thing. I did it Friday with NOTHING but a drop! Plus I somehow broke the skin on one side and it was bleeding. I drank a whole quart of mother's milk tea that day. Yesterday things were hurting in that area, and late that afternoon it dawned on me that the milk was 'in'. So I decided to try the pump again and low and behold, we had almost an ounce to give to baby. Now I'm trying to figure out how often I need to do this and how will I do it once I'm alone with the 4 children... Baby is eating quite a bit now, so I don't know if I can be her only source of food, but at least some is better than none.

I tried a cloth diaper on the baby this morning. She was wriggling something awful!! She likes to keep her legs drawn in to her body right now, but eventually she'll stretch back out. I finally got it on her and it's so cute! The covers are pretty big though, but that doesn't matter as long as the diaper is on good. I'll try to take a picture at some point.

The other girls are still loving her and getting used to her. Alexa wants to hold her everyday and talks about how sweet she is. Sarah sang her a lullaby yesterday that melted my heart! I got it on video and need to upload it. Overall we're doing good. It feels like it's been weeks since we had her. It hasn't even been a whole week yet! My life has changed so much in just a few days I'm losing track of time.

I was getting very depressed because of being in so much pain for so long. Even before she was born I was in a lot of pain in my hip area. It's starting to ease up though and I'll just have to keep the medicine flowing for awhile. I hate that, but I have to do something. I'm very glad this was the last one. I can't imagine being compelled to do this again. She is so sweet and beautiful, but, she is IT :)

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

August 14, 2009

Samantha Faith is Here

I've been thinking about you all- we had no internet access at the hospital, thus the reason no updates or pictures.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. I really felt them. We arrived EARLY Tuesday morning to the hospital and they started getting me ready. I was doing ok, not too nervous. I would just focus on getting the next thing done- IV in place, blood drawn, spinal in etc.

They took me to the OR around 10:15am and began numbing me and getting ready. This is always a challenge because I have scoliosis, a very curved spinal cord. I for some reason was very worried about the anesthesia wearing off too soon. I was focusing on not getting panicked. Anyways, at 10:42 Samantha made her appearance. My husband and I were so amazed that we were there yet again having another little girl. She was 6lbs 12.5oz and 19 inches long.

They gave her to daddy and we both were crying- so perfect and tiny. They took her to the nursery and got me finished. I went to recovery and was doing pretty well. About an hour later I got back to my room and was finally allowed some water :) Unfortunately I began to feel pain, and their method of pain relief is shots in the leg of demerol and then phenergan to combat nausea. This medicine makes you very sleepy. So by the time I got to hold the baby for the first time, I was a total fruit loop- I was so mad.

Anyways, my pain got away from me unfortunately, and by that evening I was a wreck. I had nursed the baby a few times, but finally consented to letting the nursery feed her because I was not capable. Right now she is drinking formula, but I had planned to start pumping last night. Well, Sarah ended vomiting all evening and that got put off. Yeah, what a welcome home!!

I am still very sore, but very glad to be home and have this over with. I have a sweet beautiful little baby to take care of :) She was worth all the pain and discomfort :)

August 9, 2009

Last Pregnant Post

I'm still pregnant. Not exactly surprising, but I was hoping maybe something would happen over the weekend :)

I really need to be working on stuff right now, but thought I'd pause a moment here, because I don't know for sure when I'll be back. I have several boxes to unpack, as we did some more moving yesterday, along with doing laundry, working on my freezer cooking, and getting the house cleaned up. Tomorrow I have to do school stuff for the girls as well.

So, the big day is Tuesday around 10:30. (central time) I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am!! Which means that I have to leave the house by 4:30am, thereby I have to GET UP by 4 at the latest. Wow. Guess I better have everything done so I can get to bed early. My poor parents have to come to my house then too to stay with my other children and then bring them later. I hope that the girls understand that mom is ok even though I'm hooked up to various things.

Yesterday I was treated to a very nice pedicure and watched the movie Julie and Julia at the theater. I loved the movie- very well done, although it is PG-13. I am definitely going to get Julia Child's cookbook now.

If the hospital has wireless internet, my husband will be able to post pictures for me. If not it may be a few days- I should be home Thursday at some point. It's hard to believe I've come to the end. The last several weeks have been difficult, but when I look back to when I first found out I was pregnant, it seems to have flown by now. I don't feel ready mentally- I've been so preoccupied with everything else, that it's hard for me to settle down and think of life with a newborn and 4 children. I'm nervous about the changes my body will go through and pray it looks ok afterwards.

But overall, no matter the obstacles, it will all be worth it when I get to hold my prize. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers and kind words of encouragement. You'll all get to see her soon!

August 7, 2009

Being Healthy

I've had lots of thoughts about this rolling around in my head lately. I've been on quite a health journey the last few years. I went from eating only perfect whole foods with the majority of it being raw, to eating a standard American diet again, then to Nourishing Traditions, then back to the SAD one again.

When I made 'the change' the first time, my health improved greatly! It worked well and seemed so easy after I got used to it. I was sure I could do it for life. Then morning sickness hit, and well, it got to where I ate what didn't nauseate me. This started a pattern so that after the baby came, I wasn't too excited about getting back on the stringent diet plan. And so goes the inability to lose weight since then.

After my second child I developed major health problems. It was over a year before I investigated them and began learning more about nutrition and natural healing. We started some good supplements and I ate more protein for our new growing baby and I did much better. After she was born, I took the plunge and ordered this book I'd been hearing a lot about called Nourishing Traditions. It was a good 6-8 months before I was able to really implement some of the practices in there. But, once I got going, it became easier. We did that full blast for at least 2 years, closer to 3.

Since I became preggo, that was out. At least the first three months and the last two months it has. In between we ate really well for awhile. What has my experience been? Well, um, actually, I've been fine. My digestive system has been much MUCH calmer, though we've been eating worse. Odd since I do have a full term baby inside. The children have been more, er, crazy, as in hyped up etc. But they did that on days they didn't have any sugar too. My husband has suffered the most, but probably because his workload is so much and has more stress than I do.

So, I'm wondering, could it be that not thinking about it at all takes the pressure off and allows my body to work right? I read an article once about healthy people trying to get healthier, but instead got sicker. They became obsessed with do everything perfect that they're bodies got worse and worse. You know what else? Every time I find out one thing is good, I'll read the complete opposite somewhere else. So which one is it? I think sometimes those of us who do NT cooking sort of put ourselves on a pedestal, that oh you might be healthy because you use organic and whole grains, but I'm really healthy because I soak and ferment them.At least, that entered my mind many times.

My conclusions: we all know what to do really. We know it's better to eat foods that grow naturally in nature. We know that eating chemically laden false foods does us no good, because we are literally what we eat. We know that there are super-germs out there now and our bodies need to be filled with healthy bacterias to fight them. We know taking drugs may only mask the symptoms and it's a good idea to get to the bottom of the problem rather than cover it up.

Once I get things rolling again, I will go back to our healthier ways. Most likely I'll stop buying instant oatmeal packets and microwave breakfast sandwiches and corn dogs and frozen pizzas. The kool-aid will go out with the cheetos and popsicles. Fast food will occur less. (we've already eaten it 3 times this week!!!!)

But I think I'm done with soaking things. I don't notice much difference except beans and oatmeal. I just like the flavor of sourdough bread, but the other stuff isn't too special. Plus, in one place I read phytates are bad, then in another that they're good, so which is it?! If my children won't eat soaked sourdough bread, then why am I making it? If they will gladly eat homemade whole wheat yeasted bread, then shouldn't I do that?

Another thing I enjoy making is fermented veggies. Honestly, the sauerkraut was tasty. I'm not sure how to get children to like it, but dh and I liked it, and neither of us like commercial kraut. They love kefir and yogurt though, so I will continue with that. I think eating basic whole foods, as much organic as we can, really is the best you can do. If your body has the basics, then I think that's the most important.

And really, we shortchange the power of God's Word. Sometimes we are in a place where we just can't eat perfect, yet are obeying His voice. Don't we believe He will take care of it? If He tells us to go somewhere that is only serving junk food, then I'm sure it will be ok. All things are possible with Him. Eating perfect isn't the end all be all, or a religion, it's part of being a good steward of the temple of the Holy Spirit. Part of it mind you. Jesus Himself said it's not what goes into a man's body that defiles him, but what comes out. (not, er, bodily functions, but what comes from within our heart)

So, many thanks dear Lord for preserving our health in this crazy busy season. Our eating has not been ideal, but You have kept us strong.

Just another hormonal day

Ugghh...this morning I did NOT even want to get out of bed. I started crying before I made it to the bathroom! Anticipating surgery is really doing a number on me- I fell asleep last night praying for my water to break or something.

I'm supposed to be cooking today. I went to the very busy store with my three busy girls and my large sore body and bought all the rest of what I needed. When I got home I discovered that my water is cut off. So, um, that kind of rules out boiling chicken (I have stove now) and washing things. Lovely.

I cried again. However, my mom called and she set up an appointment for me tomorrow to have a pedicure, very unexpected and nice. My mother has been such a support for me, I don't know how to thank her. She is also wanting me and my sister and her to go watch the new movie about Julia Child tomorrow.

So, even though things aren't perfect right now, I am very blessed. I am really enjoying new home. It's me- I'm not pretentious nor do I care about surfaces, I am a down and dirty real life person that prefers more humble things :) I'd rather have something that is worn and old that has a story or history behind than something beautiful and brand new.

Gotta go- cookies are done!

August 6, 2009

This and That

Wow, it took me 4 hours to go to my dr. appointment! Crazy...nothing major- he didn't check to see if I was dialated or anything and I'd really rather not know. Now I'm back home and very sleepy- I will be taking a nap soon.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments about our house. I am not super woman, I have superman as a husband. Literally, he is working constantly either at work or home for me. Last night he found a stovetop in stock at Lowe's and installed it-by midnight! It's a black flat top one- he cooked eggs on it this morning but I have to try it.

When I got home this afternoon my new bedding had arrived. It is so pretty-can't wait to try it out. Again, I will need dear hubby's help with the dust ruffle. I did reward him with an early birthday present though- some badly needed clothes!! I wish I could think of some other way to bless him- he tells me he enjoys working on the house, but still, get some rest boy, you're gonna need it for next week!

I was asked about my sewing area. Well, I'm not sure where it will be, probably on top of that desk in my bedroom. My 'stuff' is in my closet- carefully sorted and labeled. I don't know that I'll be sewing for awhile yet anyways, so I have some time to think on it.

I have to say in all honesty I'm getting very nervous. I am very upset that I have to do c-sections. I am very upset that while I'm laying there getting put back together, everyone else gets to see and hold my baby. I'm sorry, but I did most of the work and I want her first! With this one, I've not had any ultrasound pictures of her profile or anything, and have no idea what she looks like. She almost doesn't seem real to me yet. I'm nervous about breastfeeding and the pain I'll be in and all the extra stuff I have to do...(no food till the bowels are working again, which means I have to get up and move around hours after the surgery) It just seems very unfair. I don't have peace about it at all and just want to get it over with.

I don't have any of my books from before about breastfeeding and all that, and haven't been able to take any TIME to refresh myself on it. I've found info online and some videos on youtube...there are literally NO stores around here that sell nursing bras or gowns- I might can find some at the maternity store in the mall. It makes just not even want to try, but then I'll feel guilty for not trying...

What a ball of emotions! I have so much to do and it's unsettling! This is what all there is left to do:
Finish getting all paperwork filled out and take it to the school
organize all the kids' clothes and shoes etc. for ease of grandma and daddy
buy the rest of the groceries
cook and freeze the food
fix the refrigerator ice thingie
organize my bulk purchases (repackage in smaller containers and store)
hang curtains in my room
buy the rest of what is needed for baby (some disposables and wipes, a few bottles, bath stuff...)
CLEAN- house is getting dirty
go to old house and get everything that's left OUT, then figure out where to put it
make a trip to the city for the special items (bra, baby outfit for going home etc.)
clean car, put carseat in
wash all laundry
pack up my stuff
assemble cradle

In the midst of that there is the cooking of daily meals, baths, laundry, church, dh's birthday dinner...feel like I'm forgetting something here...

5 days to do it too...maybe I should skip the nap...nah!

August 5, 2009

New House

For your information, I am waiting and WAITING for my video to upload...should be up soon.

I AM BEAT! I walked for three hours this morning shopping- shopping for good shoes for the kiddies for school and various other things, then making a trip to Sam's-WOW. Amazing how you can spend so much money in there and get so little in return. I actually did pretty good, but I still need to go to the regular grocery store for other things. Not everything in bulk is a good deal.

Anyways, time to figure out dinner. (organized aren't I?)I'll be back in a bit to post the show, lol.

August 4, 2009

Old style parenting

The second half of this is the best- this is what my day was like today, minus the beating with a yard stick. I'm sorry if this is offensive, but it's just hilarious to me. Certainly makes me smile when I really feel like hurting something.


Food Prep

Made the video, just gotta get it uploaded.

Since that generally takes forever I thought I'd post about something else.

Freezer cooking. Who all does it? I don't personally know anyone that does it, but I hear of a lot of ladies online who do it regularly.

I had hoped to be moved in early enough to fill my deep freezer with loads of food, but alas, that was not to be. However, I think I can squeeze in some cooking ahead. I'll have Friday and Saturday to work on it and I think this is what I'll do.

Instead of making casseroles and soups and such, I'm going to just cook up the meat etc. and freeze it in smaller portions. Tomorrow I am visiting Sam's Club and will buy some pre-made casseroles as well as several other things in bulk. I could buy several whole chickens, put them in pots and boil them, take off all the meat and freeze it, then freeze the broth. I could get a big package of ground beef and cook it to have ready for meals.

This seems manageable. If possible I want to cook a few packages of rice and beans to freeze, make some quick breads/pizza dough to freeze too. If it doesn't happen, oh well, we'll work it out. I was blessed in that the last two babies I received meals from kind people in my MOPS groups and church. There hasn't been a lot of support this time around, so I ain't counting on nothing from anyone else. I need to do something though, because a c-section recovery is so much harder and so much will be happening. I don't want us living off of junk.

So, I am planning to freeze:
meat from 3 chickens
at least 5lbs of ground meat, cooked and seasoned
2lbs of beans, soaked, cooked and frozen
2lbs of brown rice ,cooked
4 loaves of quick bread (banana and pumpkin)
biscuit mix-homemade whole wheat
storebought bread to freeze-3 loaves
storebought tortillas to freeze
cheese for the freezer

What I plan to buy:(frozen)
chicken breasts

For the pantry, I will buy in bulk things like detergent, paper plates, canned items, some breakfast items, diapers...whatever

I think I can do it...I still don't have a stovetop, so I will have to do the meat at my mom's house. I can do the beans and rice in a crockpot I guess, we'll see. After a few days, it feels weird to me to not cook, so I may get in there and cook after the baby. However, I have no idea how it's going to be with 4 kids- my priorities will be a lot different. While I don't want us eating junk food all the time, I do have limitations :)

August 3, 2009

38 weeks, 7 days to go

Did ya notice my ticker up there? I can hardly believe that I have a full term infant living inside me :) Technically, I only have 7 days left till birth day. Next Tuesday is the scheduled c-section, although I don't know what time yet.

How am I feeling? Well, surprisingly good. Baby seems to have shifted and my lower half isn't in quite so much pain. I've been having LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions- more than I ever did with the others. But then, I've been on my feet a lot, doing lots of walking ( shopping, lol) and yes, even some lifting, shame on me! Yesterday was a low day though- I just felt so uncomfortable no matter what, had heartburn and headaches and was very emotionally agitated. Right now I'm sitting in the recliner with my feet up while the girls are napping.

I feel almost in a surreal state right now. I think back to a year ago- just 1 year ago I was living in a rent house in another town, the rent was very high and we were literally living by faith to get our bills paid, I was Miss Frugal, we were planning our fall garden and getting Leiah ready for school.

If you had told me then that I would be living in another town, in a house that we BOUGHT, and about to have another baby girl, I just don't think I could have believed it. I am very glad that we don't know the future- it would be too hard to accept if we did. I've been planning for so long, now that IT is here, I feel like I'm in a dream or something. This is my last week to be pregnant forever (getting the tubes tied), our last week as a family of 5, our last week to prepare for everything, our last week to have a hope of a full night's sleep...our lives will be forever changed.

However, I am anxious to get on with it :) I'm tired of thinking about it. After I rest, I am going to finish working on the house stuff I had planned for today, and hopefully, after the girls wake up and I can get them coloring, I'll do a video tour of the house. HOPEFULLY...