May 12, 2011

I am back

Hi everyone. Of course when I make the decision to blog again I don't show up for a few weeks.

It's just out of my routine and it has been pretty busy. Children in sports is a new thing for us and it is time consuming! Our other home is the baseball field, and, there have been lots of birthdays (including mine...) and stuff going on as well.

Yes, I am 29 now :) To many that seems really young, which it is I guess, it's just weird when YOU finally hit that number. I have also been keeping myself busy working on projects like sewing clothes and knitting. There is always something that needs to be done, however I am working real hard to slow down.

One of the things I am badly in need of is a catching up on my sleep. I have not been goo d to myself that last oh, 2 years?! No matter what, it is always hard to get to bed at a decent hour, and then I really regret it the next morning.

I am in a real homemaking slump as well. I seem to have lost all motivation. Things are undone that should be, and one of the reasons is I'm just too worn out. That's bad.

Which is another reason I have not made an appearance here.

On a good note, my combined birthday/Mother's Day gift was a Blackberry phone. I have been on the fence on whether I wanted a fancy phone or not, because it seemed rather unnecessary. Plus, I get really mad at people that are always messing with their phones. But my husband felt I needed to update, so he got me one. I really like it because it has the actual keyboard buttons instead of a touch screen. Plus I can take better pictures and keep track of important dates better! AND, I can talk to my husband without actually talking- texting :)

Also, we have chickens. (did I say that before?) Six of them and they are growing fast! I'll be glad when they can go outside because we have a multitude of baby grasshoppers that need to get eaten before they eat my garden. I need to put up new pictures of the garden as well.

What am I doing right now?
I am dying loads of wool yarn with koolaid- one batch on the stove and one in the crockpot. I did this last winter and it came out awesome! We'll see how this one goes...It's like playing with watercolor painting. Or tie dye, but I have never done that myself. Plan to soon though.

There is much more floating around in my head, but I need to chill for awhile since the baby is finally taking a much needed nap!

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