April 25, 2011


Happy Post-Easter!

We had a great weekend...well, everyone else did. I was TERRIBLY SICK!!!! From Friday night to Sunday morning I was ill with a cold/sinus infection/allergies/flu- whatever it was- it was NOT fun. It all came to a head in the wee hours of Easter morning, I had been laying in pain for hours, everything on my face hurt. None of the medicine I had taken helped. I had very little to work with naturally and no energy to anyways. I finally woke up my husband and he came to the rescue :) After applying a heating pad to my back, vapor rub to my chest, setting up humidifier right by my head, and massaging the nerve endings of my sinuses (in my feet!) the pain went away and I fell asleep. For about 3 hours...then the children arrived exclaiming at what was in their baskets :) More on that later.

Anyways, I know this was a total attack of Satan. I had NO symptoms at all, and then this thing just jumped on me full swing, no warning at all. I did name and claim my healing, and while it was very very hard to watch my mouth and speak God's Word only, I want to say that I am almost full recovered. By last evening, even though I was pretty weak from not eating and sleeping, I was able to cook dinner and do some light housekeeping. We took communion in church yesterday, and I just took my healing by faith. I got it. Thank you Jesus for those stripes you bore for me!

This morning I recovered the house. Well, now, after we got home from church and dinner at Granna's, my husband had the girls clean up the house, he got the laundry going and did the dishes. WOW! Super dude! So, anyways, there was still plastic Easter grass and candy wrappers all over the house! And remnants of plastic eggs. After drinking some very hot tea and resting on the couch a little this morning, I did the dishes and mopped the kitchen; picked up the main rooms, vacuumed, mopped the entry area, did some laundry, got the baby to bed and sat down with more tea to knit. I did quite well considering.

I am very thankful to be able bodied. For awhile I really wondered if the pain, congestion and terrible sore throat would ever go away. The Lord did sort of convict me though. If I had been taking better care of myself, I wouldn't have been so run down in the first place. I must learn this lesson! I need to get regular sleep, eat well enough and not overload myself- duh!

Well, I have some cute pictures to add later, but now I need to start a pot of soup and reboot the laundry...again...


DeNiece Barnes said...

Hello Jessica just dropping in I pray that you are feeling better and that all is well. Just wanted to say hello and to see how you and the family were. Also I wanted to say happy birthday to you I posted on your facebook page also.....May God bless you with many many more

Kimberly said...

Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say hi. I keep checking in to see whats going on in your world. I'm sure you're too busy to be blogging but you might wonder if anyone is out there. Well, I am. I used to follow you and Candy but she unfortunately has given up and I'll miss her. Come back when you have time. Blessings, Kimberly


Happy birthday to you... May God bless you with more and more and more blessings.