January 26, 2013


Is the post I did about the band below too judgemental? I realize that only God knows the intent of our hearts, and I do not want to place any wrong conclusions on the people in the band.And I'm not wanting to cast them in a bad light. It's just really a big let down when people seem be one thing and then veer way off into a direction that seems wrong. I am sure their music does appeal to many, but for me, I want to only put things in my ears that are strong in the right thing, the Word of God. I don't want wishy washy vague words floating in my head, because you know how a song can get stuck. And, if it's in your head, it'll eventually come out of your mouth, and I don't want to be speaking words unless they are working for me, not against me. (Remember, words are seeds too, if that sounds weird you'll have to read the posts about the power of the tongue down on the bottom right sidebar)

Anyways, I felt it was important to leave what I wrote about Jesus' name on the blog and didn't want to dissect my post, so that's all I'm saying. I want to stress how powerful His name is, and that He gave it to us to actually use and put to work. Not to shy away from it.


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Well, I can tell you that I personally found nothing judgmental in your post. I think you're right. I didn't comment on it, because I'm not much of a music person - I never was, and I remembered trying, but I'm just not into music, LOL.

I would say, though, that it's not just the words that are important, but the music put behind the words. Rhythm and beat can have actual, measurable physiological and psychological responses in the listener. I find that I'm more sensitive to that, than the words. The music hits me first, THEN the words.

If I hear a song, I look to how that song makes me feel. Do I feel like dancing, and if so, is the way I find myself wanting to dance inappropriate? Does the song make me feel like I should feel like I'm "all that?" Does the song give me a headache, or aggravate me? Does the song have a voodoo beat to it, does it sound satanic to me?

Because I'm not much into music, but when I do hear it, I am sensitive to it, I want to make sure that not only the words are godly, but also the music, itself. Before he fell, Lucifer was a musician. He knows how to put his thumbprint, even into Christian music. Satan stands behind wolves in sheep's clothing in every Christian denomination, and to varying degrees, has his clutches in every major Christian organization.

There is leaven in the church, there are wolves in sheep's clothing, there are fowl nesting in the branches of the tree of the kingdom of God. Some know they are a wolves in sheep's clothing, while others are clueless pawns.

Anneatheart said...

YOu know I've heard other Christian people talk about the particular beats of music, and how it affects them too. They were talking about rock mainly, and how some of the more Satanic ones had similar beats to other so-called Christian ones. I'm not sure what to think about that in particular, but since I have no background with that kind of music, and am blessed to not have a wayward past (as in I've been saved for as long as I can remember and didn't desire to do anything rebellious) it doesn't affect me in that way. My husband and I are both musicians and we really enjoy powerful sounding music that has a strong drum rhythm. But again, neither of us have issues with music like that. Music impacts us a lot, and some songs really lift my spirit, and others make me angry :) Or if I hear a song I listened to a lot in the past, it can transport me to that time, which can be good and bad. I guess that's why this really concerned me; music IS a powerful tool, and it should be used to draw people to Jesus and preach the Word of God, and this one band in particular seems to have fallen away from that.

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Hey girl, I hope you'll keep blogging, and get back into the habit again. I've sure missed you over the years. :-)

I for one, would LOVE an updated tour of your beautiful home.