January 22, 2013


I'm reviving this old blog again....I've been in and out of the blog world for a couple of years. For various reasons, but lately just lack of organization. I may not be able to post like I did in the beginning of this blog, but I hope to keep things more updated.

Since I last posted here a lot of things have changed. I still live in the same place, I turned 30 though! My children are growing up. Our oldest daughter just turned 10, the next one just turned 9, one will be 7 soon and the baby is 3.5.

We are now homeschooling all but our oldest, and that's been a challenge for me. In fact, I should be preparing for that now instead of messing with a blog, another reason I don't blog much. But the beauty of homeschool is that it doesn't take the whole day and we can squeeze it in whenever it works out.

So, I'll be back, with more interesting things to say.


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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

YES! I loved this blog, and I'm glad you are back!!!

Let's see here - if you are looking for blog post ideas, how about:

- An updated tour of your beautiful house

- A video or picture post of a week in your kitchen

- Your style of homeschool, and what's been working for you

- A picture post of your favorite Bible, including the features you really like, your favorite verses, etc.

- How you organize, with having four children


Anyhoo, just throwing a few ideas out there, in case you want any, LOL