June 29, 2013

Where to homeschool?

This past school "year" we had a homeschool room. Actually, in the beginning, we started in our living room that I sectioned off and made into a school area. The problem with that is we had to take our chairs from the kitchen everyday and move them back and it generally stayed rather messy. After a couple of months we moved all the girls into one bedroom and reworked the other bedroom for school. It worked really well.

Then, when we were going to switch to private school, I started taking things down and moving it around in that room. My plan was to make it a room for my second oldest daughter to have her own space. We started decluttering the whole house for a yard sale and stacking it in there.

Well, now we've decided to keep homeschooling. The obvious choice is to move everything back and make it a homeschool room. But, I do still want to give Alexa a bedroom to herself. One option is to move the built in desk my husband made into the living room. We have talked about purchasing a desktop computer since they are less expensive and setting it up there for the whole family to use. I can also move my sewing stuff into the living room and use a cabinet to hide it. Then we could either fix a small school area in the living room with the desks we were given and some bookshelves, or we could use the kitchen. I was hoping to be able to redo the kitchen this summer so it had more natural daylight. It just gets so dark in there! But, I don't know if we will be able to before school starts. It involves hanging wainscoting and painting the cabinets white, kind of a big job.

1. Do the same thing and use the school room
2. Turn the school room into a 'tween' room, move school stuff into corner of living room
3. Homeschool in the kitchen even though it's kind of dark

If we didn't move her to a bedroom to herself, we could put some shelves up by her bed now (top bunk) where hopefully she could store her things and keep others out of it. She loves rocks and shells and has sacks full of them that she wants to display :)



Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I vote for in the kitchen, around the family table. I say put in a stand lamp by the table for more light, if needed, and have the curtains/blinds open on the kitchen window. :-)

Scarlett Martinelli said...

We always started out with desks and shelves and order... but after the first 3 days (lol) we just schooled anywhere and everywhere! But then I only had one kiddo to teach. Hats of to you for wrangling your two students and a preschooler at home.

I like the shelf idea by the upper bunk! But I also like the idea of giving kids their own space as they get older.