July 3, 2013


So I briefly mentioned Advocare.

Advocare is a Christian company that makes and sells high quality nutrition, but also provides a way to make income. Towards the end of May, my sister got involved and handed out some samples. I tried a drink called Spark!- which is an energy drink, but it's basically a shot of B vitamins and a little caffeine. Wow- that stuff is awesome. No crash feelings, no jitters or raciness like I've gotten before from coffee or other energy drinks. (I may have tried an energy drink like one time) Just even sustained energy and focus. In fact, it is used to help people with ADD to help them focus.

Then, she started something called the 24 Day Challenge. The first 10 days are a cleansing phase, and the second part is a metabolic boosting and revving up phase. I totally did not want to do this, but after one week she had lost almost 7 inches and 7lbs and I could see that her clothes were looser. My parents jumped on it, which was amazing to me, because they don't usually do that.

So, I decided to do it. In 6 days I lost 5lbs and over 16 inches! I'm on my third week and have lost over 6 more inches, probably more but I haven't checked. So I've gone down a size in clothes.It was the easiest cleanse I've ever done, and I've done a few. Now, as far as eating and exercise, I haven't done 'formal' exercising. I have been living though- taking care of children, cleaning, swimming in the pool, running errands, we did a huge major kids event in church where I was pretty much on my feet for 10hrs in the hot sun...and eating, well that's the great part. By taking all the supplements, my cravings have been eliminated and it makes it much easier for me to choose healthy food. So, I am eating healthier and smaller portions, yet I know I can have a treat if I want.

All in all, it has been so easy compared to so many other things I've done, and I've actually seen results. Over a decade of no results!! I did everything!!!! The next product I want to try is called Catalyst and it's nicknamed "lipo in a bottle", so I'm REAL interested in that, as well as some sport performance products that help recovery after hard exercise and endurance. The NFL is a big user of these products, as well as singers such as Michael W. Smith and Kutless.

The truth is the products do cost, but I would compare it to Dr. Schulze's products in cost and strength, plus if you become a distributor you get 20% off your orders and you are not required at all to sell the products.

Here's a link for anyone interested.


I am honestly not plugging this, just explaining what I meant in one of my earlier posts. I am truly a believer in this company and their products. They are all natural and I've had nothing but good results. Yea!!!

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