February 5, 2013


So a few years ago, when I was blogging here regularly, I was all into Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I had a new baby, and breastfeeding had not worked out, so I used her raw milk formula for our little girl. The results have been amazing by the way- she had gorgeous skin, clear bright eyes, a strong constitution and is very smart. But, I may be a bit biased :)

Over time I began to get overwhelmed and stressed with many things, and let things go by the wayside little by little as far as food preparation. I realized that there really were no differences in our health when we ate 'perfectly' and when we didn't. And, in fact, sometimes I felt better when we ate no no food. So I completely dropped Nourishing Traditions.

The things that I've kept going are : we still eat full fat foods, whole milk and dairy products, meat with fat on it etc. I still use good fats which are butter, coconut oil and olive oil. We eat some organic things, we eat whole grain bread which I make homemade sometimes, and we eat plenty of fresh and frozen produce, no canned. But that's it really. I am getting to the point where I want to slowly add some things back into my life that I used to do, like keeping a sourdough starter. I miss the sourdough bread! And, I want to try water kefir again. Milk kefir is rather unappealing to me now, for whatever reason, water kefir is quite versatile, like making a healthy soda. Sounds good for the general hot weather we have most of the year here.

Other than that I have no desire to do so much food preparations as I did before. I don't soak grains, I do soak beans most of the time, I don't buy raw milk but I would like to get back into that. We grow a vegetable garden as organically as possible. But, we're fairly normal. We drink sweetened iced tea year round, I drink coffee with sugar and cream, we use boxed macncheese, potato chips, prepackaged things for lunches like containers of applesauce, string cheese, lunch meats, regular mayonnaise, white sugar in cookies or desserts and so on. And it's ok.

I cook from scratch at least 80% of the time. We may eat fast food a few times a month depending on the circumstances. We eat regular meat from the grocery store. It's just not worth the time and expense and stress that it causes to round up all of the so called healthy foods. The key for me is listening to the Greater One that lives in me, and not making myself adhere to restrictions He didn't put on me. Lately I've been getting the impression we should add or subtract some things in our diets, and the measuring stick for me is, if it doesn't cause me stress, then it's generally from the Lord.

I think I need to do a colon cleanse (by Dr. Schulze) and start taking some really good vitamins. I am also going to switch our refined sweeteners to healthier ones, gradually....that combined with eating homemade fiber filled bread and garden produce will go a long way in helping our bodies work properly. I cannot emphasize enough that stress about food negates whatever good you are trying to do. I experienced it a couple of years ago and it was very eye opening. Stress is more harmful that bad food. If you are stressed about diet and food, let it go!

That being said, here is our supper menu for the week:

Monday- homemade hamburger helper type meal, salad
Tuesday- barbecue pork loin, baked beans, corn on the cob
Wednesday- salmon patty burgers (we call them Krabby Patties, yes we succumbed to spongebob!) oven fries
Thursday-pinto beans, yooper macncheese, fruit salad
Friday-baked tacos, mexican pinto beans, fresh avocado salsa and chips
Saturday-baked ziti, steamed broccoli, garlic bread (homemade)
Sunday-leftovers or ramen noodle soup!

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