February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Usually I don't make a huge deal for Valentine's Day. It was never really my favorite and didn't hold much sentimental meaning to me. However, with four girls who love all the girly stuff, and they were used to public school parties, I had planned extra this year.

Yesterday we assembled some cardboard mailboxes and made homemade valentine cards for each other. Last week we started making Valentine shirts- just a t-shirt in their choice of color and I taught them to sew some heart shaped buttons on with embroidery floss and needles. They wore those today with a cute red and white heart ribbon. Then, after our errands, I was going to go to my oldest daughters' class party at school. I missed it because I misread the time, so they were feeling sad. When I got home I threw this little tea party together. The main thing that made it work is I already had bought those Valentine break apart cookies that you bake in the oven, and had bought a brand new box of herbal raspberry tea a few weeks ago. That combined with leftover party decor and supplies that I had stashed away made it easy for me to whip this up. They enjoyed theirselves and got to use the special teacups.

I put all the school desks together and covered it with a cloth red and white checked tablecloth. I put their boxes of Valentine cards at their place along with their favorite stuffed animal/doll. I used construction paper for placemats, plastic plates with red heart paper doilies. The marshmallows on their plates were for the animals :) I made the cookies and raspberry tea which did turn reddish pink. I put extra treats in their boxes and added some plastic pink spoons for each place.
Miss Alexa in her purply shirt :)

Miss Sarah posing for us.

And Samantha doing something weird. I sewed her shirt by the way, no needles.

Leiah Lou-Who in the dark- the light was in the wrong place.

I even went out of character and wore a red blouse and the same Valentine ribbon in my hair, sorry, no pic :)