February 7, 2013

House Tour

Ok, since I am not comfortable doing a whole house tour since I'm not done organizing, I thought I'd do it room by room. So today I'm showing pictures of our living room, the main part of the house. Our home is a double wide manufactured home. We bought it fairly cheap as it was a repossessed bank owned house. It was in great condition though, with no damage or needed repairs at all. But since I am a person who likes to change things to suit my tastes, this room has been painted twice in 3 years.

This is the first color, meant to be a neutral toned golden color. We ended up with a marigold, turmeric surface of the SUN color! I tried to make it work for two years, and I would go from hating it to liking it. Since the room is so big and so tall in places, it's pretty difficult to paint, which is why we left the yellow. I would have really liked this color in a smaller room, but in here it was just too much.  In August I was done with it! So I chose a soft gray blue color, and spent extra money on good paint, and it covered the yellow in one coat-awesome!

This is a picture from the back of the living room, by the back door and next to the kitchen.

I sewed the curtains and pillow covers, and have plans to sew some little covers for our lampshades, just to changed things up a bit. I also made the wreath on the door. I generally cannot find what I want ready made, and this is where having sewing skills come in handy. I can make what I want.

View from the front door, opposite from the first picture. We have an old computer and our printer and all that stuff in the wooden cabinet on the left. The blue chair is my spot. We'll look at that closer in a bit.

I'm not done with the wall above the couch over there. I have some el cheapo embroidery hoops that I put pretty fabrics in and hung on the wall. I'm in the process of spray painting some letters to spell out the word "Blessed" to hang in there with them. And I got more fabric yesterday for the wall and pillows. I am also making a pile of crochet granny squares for a pillow and slowly knitting a blanket in the colors that match.

Here's a close up of my corner and the girls' hidden play area.

There's the little 'house' playing area- play kitchen, lots of dishes and play food in the wicker basket, rocking chair, baby crib with baby dolls and accessories. There's also a bookcase filled with children's books behind the baby bed. My spot stays a little messy....but not too bad.

 This is where I go early in the morning with my Bible that's on the table. I have a small basket with my current knitting project(s) in it. I'll show what I'm working on later. I have something planned for that mirror- it needs something. It was totally free too!

And just to keep it real, while the girls were outside playing I cleaned up the room and took pictures. This is how it looked before.

Oh well, at least the stuff is getting played with :)


Mrs. DishPanHands said...

I love the arrangement in the first picture. :)
- Kristin

Anneatheart said...

Thanks, I do too! That was my pretty display spot, but we've had to move some things around since then and there's no room for the table and purty spot :( Glad I took a picture.

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

The new wall color is great! I think it is better than the yellow for the room's size, and the color makes the wood at the tops of the wall really pop. I like your layout, as well. :-)