March 24, 2013

Our Bible Homeschool

     During spring break I really got a leading from God to spend our homeschool time looking deeply into Passover and the last week of Jesus' life, His crucifixion and resurrection.I got really excited too.

I enjoy learning about different cultures and people; their history, language, food, customs all of it- I like to savor each morsel, ha,ha.

I especially enjoy learning about the ancient Hebrews and the Jewish customs. My husband, me, and a friend are all very interested in the Hebrew language too, and have spent a little time on our own learning it. I think that by looking into it more, I get a better understanding of the Bible, especially into the life of Jesus.

And so, last week we spent all our homeschool time on Passover. First, I found a free lapbook resource, and each day we cut out the parts we needed and each child got to pasted them together. We read our Scripture portions, discussed it, and then moved on to our unit study of Israel. We did things like watch videos of Israel's famous places, spelled their names in Hebrew, made a map and so on.

The first day we learned about why the Israelites were in slavery and about Moses. We continued on with the stories until Thursday, where we finally got to the actual Passover part. Then, we got to learn about the Passover lamb and it's significance of Jesus the Passover Lamb. It's soo soo amazing, God is so awesome.

Doing this has been so meaningful to me. I feel like I'm walking each day with Jesus. This year celebrating His resurrection is so much more to me than in times past. Now, the girls did do other things too. They did some spelling words that I took from the Bible, they did some copywork from the Bible and they did math. But the main focus of our day was our Bible studies. I really enjoyed it.

Then, on Friday, we started with learning about Palm Sunday. We looked at the website Experience Israel, and I described to them what it would have been like on Palm Sunday. I printed them a coloring page that they did while I read the account in the Bible, also showing them that this was prophesied in the Old Testament as well.

My husband also wrote an AWESOME song and performed it at church today. He painted a beautiful picture of Jesus, as if you were looking over His shoulder while He was carrying the cross, and the Lord gave Him a song about it.. He spent the past two weeks using my synthesiser keyboard to record individual instruments and mixing them, it oh, it was just awesome. My daughters have been completely immersed in the Word of God and of what Jesus has done for them.

Tomorrow we will continue with 'Holy Week' as it's called. We have another great free resource available to help me with this. I plan to end our study on Good Friday with making 'Resurrection Cookies' and watching King of Kings- The Passion will have to wait awhile, I can barely watch it.

I saw a statistic that 52% of North Americans attend church on Easter Sunday, almost more than half of the percentage that attend weekly. I think that is wonderful. Easter may have some pagan elements, but if it gets people into a church, then God can work with that. He can plant seeds, water them and harvest them depending on where a person is spiritually. We glorify Jesus, and we also color eggs, and we are at peace about that.

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Isn't it great that with homeschool, you can mix things up, and do your own lessons? The kids and I had an extended Bible study this morning, because they really got into it. I love homeschool!!! :-)