March 19, 2013

Sarah's Art Party

I'm posting pictures of Sarah's birthday party. Remember she wanted it to be about art? The children and adults enjoyed it and it was very colorful! Most of these pictures were taken by our 9 year old daughter Alexa.

This is on Sarah's actual birth-DAY, March 3rd. I made a blueberry coffeecake for her breakfast. I also knitted her top and crocheted her headband :)

Food set up, yes, the cake is HUGE! I wasn't planning for that, but oh well.

The art supplies 'cake'- I had a battle making that thing! It's still here, mostly disassembled, I refuse to do it myself though. The girls enjoy taking it apart when they need something :)

Making pet rocks.

Cake time! Those candles were supposed to be sparkler ones, but they barely sparked!

Me, trying to slice the cake! And I managed to squeeze in some tye-dyeing and it was fun and easy!

The cut cake. Rainbow!


I took a video of the gift opening time, but I'm not gonna upload that, she got plenty of stuff, most of it art related :) And that was that, lots of work, lots of cleaning and messes, a LOT of cake, but it was fun.


Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

That looked like a fun party, and the rainbow cake was very pretty. :-)

JogjaSpirit said... cute the it delicious?