July 15, 2013

Summer busies

I can't hardly believe how busy I have been this summer! I was so looking forward to a whole lot of nothing- no demands on my time, just a long boring summer waiting to be filled with whatever we wanted to do. That did not happen.

At the moment I realize it's about the middle of July, and I still haven't had the yard sale I planned over a month ago. I may as well wait now because it's so HOT! I've been busy making cookie and cake orders, altering clothes for people, helping people move, hosting a bbq, having sleepovers, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, sort of doing laundry, going on outings, rearranging bedrooms, digging the garden up, saving plants, killing bugs....MUCH to do.

In the midst of that we did finally make it to the library last week and it was like water to the thirsty for the girls, ha,ha. I am planning our homeschool curriculum right now, and am about decided on it, but not for sure yet. We are going to do school in the kitchen/living area this year in order to free up a bedroom. I enjoyed having a school room, but my girls need some space. I will write about that when I get decided.

So, the other things I've been thinking about are sweaters to knit! Now is the time to start if we want to get to use them this fall and winter. I didn't knit anything for myself last year, and my husband has never gotten anything besides a hat that was too small, so I plan to make some things for us, but I also feel like I need to clothe the children too. It's hard to limit myself! Some ideas....




Lots of choices...hard to decide!

Also this week I will be getting some dvds in the mail from Beachbody.com- woo hoo fixing to completely reshape my body!!! So excited. I am still losing with Advocare, but it does energize me and I need to workout to expend it!!!

This coming week we have family from out of town, lots of activities, and I have a Little Mermaid cake to make-ahhhh! Tomorrow is going to be a slow resting day though, possibly floating in the pool is in order. God is so good-He literally brought to my door a brand new swing set for free, and a nice trampoline for free; two things I was sort of thinking about getting (one at a time of course) for Samantha's birthday in August, and we got both! The favor of the Lord! I am bragging on God, because I didn't do anything.

***Started this post last night, just now finishing it

Right now it is cool and raining. We have had an interesting July so far, and summer. It has been hot yes, but we have had weeks of really nice mild weather too. This is the first time in a long while that I've enjoyed summer and not wanted it to just pass and get over with. Awesome!

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Scarlett Martinelli said...

So do you bake for others? I have been interested in learning cake decorating. Can you recommend a good starter kit with all the nifty gadgets and tools for cake/cupcake decorating?