July 25, 2013


Alright yall, I apologize for the random ads at the top of the screen. Some kind of malware is on the computer and I haven't had time to figure out how to get rid of it.

To answer a question, yes I do bake cakes for others and our family. It's been a year since I made a cake, but last week with my husband's help we made a great Little Mermaid one. You can see it here

As far as getting started, I don't know of a kit that contains all you need. You can go to the Wilton website and look there, but I usually just bought what I needed for each cake. It was more expensive in the beginning, buying pans and icing tips etc. But now that I've built up a collection it doesn't cost a lot to make a cake. The last cake required 3-4 cake mixes, 5 bags of powdered sugar, a container of shortening, a box of butter, new bottles of vanilla and almond extract, and a bag of premade gum paste. I had just bought a bunch of stuff for some cookies I did the week before, so I had most everything on  hand. I will be making two more family cakes soon and I'll definitely need some toothpicks!

In other news I've been terribly sick. I started, a week ago, having fever and chills and painful achy bones and joints all over. After a couple of days it got better, so I thought it was a random virus. I spent the week making cake, staying up late (going back and forth to inlaws to visit family everyday), eating lots of interesting food (all meals at their house) and going going going! So, I started feeling really tired Monday, and by Tuesday was all out sick again. Except the pain was in my joints and terrible! I went to the doctor yesterday and guess what?!! It is a UTI! A urinary tract infection that presented flu symptoms and nothing else. WEIRD!! So, because I have a MUCH anticipated girl overnight shopping trip tomorrow, I am on high powered antibiotics and rest. It probably sounds dumb, but spending a week in your pjs only reading and watching your kids' tv shows and napping really isn't fun when you feel bad.

So, I am still working on homeschool plans. I am so glad for a slow week, although I would like to have been more productive :) So, I'm finalizing it and will order our stuff soon!

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