April 26, 2009

Back in blogland

I am back in Texas. We rolled in last night about 10pm and boy were we glad to be done with driving! I'm telling ya, that is a trip! Overall, the girls did wonderful- no complaining or whining hardly. DVD players in the car were divine inspiration from the Lord :)

My head is full of things and my heart as well, much to write about soon. At the moment, my husband does not have a job in Michigan. I have a lot of mixed emotions about it, which I'll talk about later.

For this week I will first be doing some cleaning and laundry. Then I'm going to hit like a tornado and declutter this house mercilessly. We are also going to switch the living room and playroom and do some painting/decorating, yay! I am giving myself the whole month of May to do this. I visited my husband's cousins who have 9 kids and live in a medium size old farmhouse. There was no clutter. No extra stuff laying around. The kids made a mess, but it took no time to clean it up. I was in awe- especially since they homeschool, have goats and cows to milk, chickens to tend, gardens going, and lots of kitchen work. (sprouting, soaking, cheesemaking etc.) Oh yeah and the mom is pregnant with #10! They also didn't have TV or computer to distract, so I guess that helps :)

Alright, time to bathe the children and scrape something together for dinner. Then it's bedtime for them and I must continue with unpacking etc.


Mary said...

Welcome home! I'm lookng forward to future posts.

Mrs. Darling said...

Good for you Jessica! It really can get done. And yes the computer is a huge time waster. I may have to cut out a lot of my blogging as the summer progresses.Im already wondering how I can get it all done!
Glad your back and looking forward to hearing all those thoughts in your head!

wifeandmom said...

Glad you all got back safe. Your husband's cousins sound like pioneers! :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Sounds like you had a great time! I'll join you on the declutter. We already don't have much but I always find it wonderful to go through and clean out what isn't needed. I agree, less is best and sure makes clean up easier for mom and kiddos. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your cousin sounds like one organized gal, does she have a blog?


atomic momma said...

Welcome Home! I missed you blogging while you were gone! Glad to hear it was a good trip and can't wait to hear the details!

vehementflame said...

Welcome home! DId you write down a bunch of stuff to share from your cousin's??? Wow! What a story they must have! Glad youre back safe! ANd reday fr action! I would be whopped! can't wait to hear all your news- quit deleteing them why doncha?!!!