April 13, 2009

Back to the grind

Wow, glad all that's over with. I love Easter and everything, but we bit off almost more than we could chew this year :) I decided to make everyone's dresses and baskets this year, mainly for cost reasons. That turned out to be more involved than I thought- maybe because I'm slower or something.

My husband felt the Lord leading him to do a skit at church on Sunday, which involved locating willing people to perform it, meeting up there to practice it etc. Thankfully I didn't have to be in it- I did the lights! He is amazing at acting, I am not :)

Then we had the big family gathering Saturday- had to make a cheesecake for that you know, plus color eggs for the hunt :) After church yesterday, big relief! Now I have to focus on getting ready for our trip. First, here's a picture of my daughters and my niece in matching dresses Saturday.

My niece is the one with the two blue bows. Of course out of all the pictures I took, none of them were all smiling or looking the same direction.

We are leaving Thursday to travel to Upper Michigan, where my husband's family is and where he is from. This is also where we felt God leading us to move to. However, we're not sure what the plan is at the moment. It's a very hard place to be, because I've not really put down roots at this house for that very reason- what if we move again? Why did God put this so strongly on us in the fall, yet not open the door? Then more things seemed to be pointing that we stay here in Texas- new position at work for dh, me getting pregnant, a 'free' house to live in etc.

And now, my emotions are involved and I don't want to leave. Yet at the same time I want to do what God has for us, and I certainly want better for my husband. His job is so stressful, yet we have a lot of debt to pay, so it's not like he can up and pick a different job.

So, we're thinking our trip this time will be the determining factor; he is going to visit a business that was interested in him before Christmas, so we'll see. Personally I can't imagine living somewhere that is still having winter right now. At least, winter to me! And if this does happen, I want it to be before the baby is born, however close we may be cutting it. Trying to pack up and move across country with 4 kids, one of which is a newborn, ain't my idea of adjusting well :) So, that leaves around 4 months to do it.

This may sound dumb, but I'm very proud of my origin, that I'm a Texan. I am proud of Texas- the one state Obama has totally avoided, ha. The saying 'Don't Mess with Texas' is really true. You just don't realize how many guns my relatives own :) I am borderline redneck...I'm saved, so that makes me more normal :) But I would only be visiting Texas if we move; my children will sound like Yoopers and not be able to say 'yall. Well, I doubt I"ll ever stop saying that, or 'fixin' to', so they may still say it. Tell ya one thing, if we do move, I'll be buying up lots of Texas items to decorate with- I don't have anything now. I live here, what's the point? Making my home look like Texas while living in Texas is kind of overkill.

RAMBLE much!!! I gotta go- plenty to do.

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littypod said...

Moving is a pain no matter how well planned it is unfortunately. I know how you feel about moving out of your homestate, I could never imagine leaving mine, I'd feel so lost.