November 30, 2009

Cleaning out

What a week!

Everything went very well, excluding the fact that Wednesday morning I woke up with allergy or sinus problems and a UTI! Guess I should have resisted the Dr. Pepper in the checkout aisle Tuesday night, eh? (yeah I've been around Yoopers and the 'eh' creeps in)

I pushed on and we got everything ready and I got everything cooked and the food was good. Still, I was quite miserable and Friday was even worse because of 3 days of little sleep, lots of work, a house full of people and the lingering symptoms of the allergies and bladder problems.

I ate LOTS! And guess what, I have gained like 10 lbs since birth!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, do you know what is happening today?


Actually, I am cleaning out, and it is going extremely well. I am eating raw fruits and veggies, water and cranberry juice, and some cooked veggies today. I have been literally addicted to coffee for weeks, and today I didn't even miss it. All the while, like for 2 months, I have felt in my gut that I should clean out my body just from pregnancy itself and I didn't want to listen.

I'm listening and doing now :) I plan to add some brown rice tomorrow evening, a potato the next day, then on Thursday I am planning to fast from sundown to sundown. (just liquids- water) I'm not sure how I will proceed after that. It's more of 'resetting' time for my body. I have GOT to get rid of the extra body fat. I will need to lose almost 60lbs to get below 200. I don't look terribly heavy, but apparently I am!

Anyone hit the stores last Friday? We went to walmart for a few things and it was pretty busy. Many people had their carts mound over with stuff! I didn't have the money for that :)

Getting ready for Christmas now...I am thinking of getting rid of almost all my Christmas decor and starting over with more natural things. If I don't love it, why keep it?

So anyways, I am waist deep in piled up laundry needing to be folded, everything needs to be put back in order and the floor is atrocious. I'm taking a break though, because with the cleaning out of my body, I don't want to overtax the system.

Well, time to do the next thing :)


Kimberly said...

Jessica, I just started a cleanse today after 4 days of super charged eating I just felt horrible. I started with a fast today. Lemon water and vegetable broth then I'll do rice, vegies and fruit tomorrow. I couldn't give up the coffee today though. I hope you have time to blog next couple days I'd like to know how you're doing. Kimberly

Anonymous said...

I haven't been home much lately, so the dishes are piled up, and the laundry is behind. It's all for a good cause, however.

I've been home today long enough to make some food and to homeschool, and we are about to go out the door again.

Sometimes life can get ultra-busy, LOL.

missmessy said...

i try to do a cleanse 2-3 times a year. I like to go completely without food for 48 hours and drink a ton of lemon water. After that it is so easy to eat healthy nourishing foods, because you feel so clean and pure. After a 48 hour fast you can't imagine eating anything bad. Good luck with the baby weight. Have you tried coconut oil 20 minutes before each meal? I did that with baby #3 and it worked marvelously. i lost 18lbs the first month.

*Michigan Momma* said...

I'm right there with ya ~ I have *got* to get this extra weight off and my body has been letting me know recently that it is NOT HAPPY!!

I'm having a hard time just "cutting back" - so maybe I'll try a cleanse of sorts, just to (like you said) re-set the body a bit.

Let us know how things are going~

liz from new york said...

i kind of had a total meltdown myself, too much activity , cooking and cleaning all at once, i didnt even leave the house on friday at all! hubby made a fire in the fireplace, i sat on the couch and watched senseless things on tv all day, the kids were @granny's house, so all was quiet, i really needed that. im still trying to figure out christmas presents myself, six kids, plus relatives..without useing a credit card..hmm gonna be challenging. i think you should get some new decorations to go with the new house, like a fresh start, only if it fits in the budget tho!