November 11, 2009

So many topics to blog!

Ok everyone, I have SO many things I want to blog about! Yet, it's been another busy week. I have to be out of the house today, tomorrow, and Friday, and yesterday I had guests for part of the day. My laundry is PILED on my bed so I will be forced to do it before I can go to bed. Well, that's the idea. Dh has been known to just rake it off on the floor...

I have so been wanting to do a video but haven't settled down to do it.

I have been thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting all excited about it. I have decided that we will deck out the front of our house and have been previewing what the stores have in yard ornaments and lights. (I don't want to spend $300 on it you know)

Every year I promise myself I will not go overboard on presents, and just about every year I do it anyways. As a parent, I want to give my children things that will make them happy. And I don't usually just buy them toys, maybe occasionally, AND my two oldest daughters' birthdays are right around Christmas. But again, when I think on it, a lot of the stuff we get them breaks or is lost pretty soon after Christmas.

While I want them to have fun receiving presents, and yes we do the dreaded Santa Clause for fun, I want to focus on the other parts of Christmas. Making things festive and beautiful, going to cut down the tree, the music, the traditions of making everyone's favorite candy (mine would be peanut butter filled ritz crackers dipped in chocolate), Christmas crafts, being with family, and ultimately, that the whole purpose behind it is celebrating the Savior's birth.

My husband and I are at a place now where we could really care less about getting gifts- we just want to give it all to the kids and others. I plan to share some of our Christmas traditions in the coming weeks along with recipes. I am planning to make some gifts this year, but I better get on the ball if that's going to happen. These days I really think most people would be satisfied with something simple and homemade.

One of the things I want to do for the children was this, in fact I went and bought the exact fabric she used for it.

Also, Crystal from the Homemaking Homestead on the left sidebar has some good ideas. Bags filled with rice that you can heat or freeze and use as cold/hot packs, clothespin bags,potholders...personally, my pot holders are in some SAD shape right now.

Anyways, my goal is to not get stressed and to not go overboard, but to just enjoy every minute because it only comes once a year. Sometimes I get all Martha Stewart-ish and try to make everything perfect, but I'm human with 4 little ones who ain't gonna remember the many details that I can get stuck on.

Which reminds me, baby Samantha is three months old today. She is trying to SIT UP! If I lay her back at an angle, she pulls herself up. She is starting baby talk, loves to be talked to, and knows and loves her family. She is eating MUCH better, and has started taking 6oz in her bottles- remember, for awhile I could only get her to take 1-2oz. God just healed her, because I never even used the medicine. She continues to eat cereal and some baby foods and is doing really well, but it's more of a supplement now rather than a mainstay of her diet.

I hope to get her back on the NT formula after Christmas. She'll be 5 months old then and should tolerate it much better.

I tried a new recipe today and am about to go take a picture of the final project. See you tomorrow.

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