November 20, 2009


Alrighty, dear readers, the inevitable has come.

I gotta stop the blog...

Well, not stop it or shut it down, but I have to be released from it. It's weighing me down because I know you all are interested in things but I'm pressed on every side right now, and I don't have the ability to make my blog what I want it to be.

I want to do videos, and pictures, and how tos and all kinds of stuff. But, it's not happening.

This doesn't mean that I will never post, it just means that I'm not obligated to post. It means that I can post when I have the time and have something good to say and not because I feel I'm failing 'my people' LOL!

I am thinking that after Christmas I should be able to post regularly again. Since I am hosting Thanksgiving, there's a lot going on. I have MUCHO yard work, housework, cooking etc. to do, plus help my mom clean her house. (remember she's crippled right now) I've also somehow sprained my lower back, so it's very sore from the chiropractic adjustments and I have to ice it a few times a day.

I am sure you all understand. As wives and moms our work is NEVER complete. As Samantha grows and becomes more independent, I will be freed up a bit more. I already feel overwhelmed because I am constantly looking back at my old self and how capable I was. I have to accept my new self and adjust!! Still though, in my mind, I get worked up about it.

SO, today, I have to do SEVERAL loads of laundry, re-sort the toys yet again, pick up around the house the things that are out of place, bake 3 pumpkins, make 4-6 loaves of bread, other kitchen stuff, AND finish the sewing. Hmmm, maybe I should have started last night and just not slept...oh wait, I was exhausted because baby hasn't slept well a few nights in a row. No, sleep was essential.

Oh but last night we ALL went to the grocery store to buy food for next week. My husband kept telling me how it would be fine for us to ALL go. Well, let's just say it felt like we were in that store for 4 hrs, but it was only 1! Anyhow, there were a few spankings (in the bathroom), several bouts of crying, a few bathroom trips (for actual using the bathroom) lots of deliberating over prices (dh and me) lots of multitasking (me feeding the baby, pushing the cart, holding my list and crossing things off and directing the kids with the miniature shopping carts all at the same time), I got my ankles slammed into 3-4 times, then I rolled the cart over Alexa's toes (not on purpose!) AND, we bought everything, including a spiral sliced ham and TWO turkeys for $111.

How? If you bought an outrageously priced spiral cut ham you got a turkey for free, and you can get a second turkey for .79 cents a pound, AND, lots of stuff was on sale, AND I had a 20% off coupon. Cool huh? I still have to make a lot from scratch, like bread and stuffing and pie crusts and my own pumpkin, but oh well, that's the fun part!

Alright, it's GO time. I'll be around.


liz from new york said...

you are so sweet to worry about your readers, as well as all your home stuff, dont worry, i'll check back often, and will pray for your continued encouragement. it's not easy being a wife and mom, no one ever promised that, lol! heres a NOT grocery shop with more than one child if possible, it's a horror, as im sure you noticed!my hubby tries to do that all the time, and after several disasters, i KNOW better. i chalk it up to him thinking it's a way to show his love and providence for his family, but it stinks!! anyway,enjoy the holidays, don't stress, and hopefully we'll meet again next year! God Bless, liz

Kat said...

I COMPLETELY understand! And I'll be checking in also to see when you've returned! :)

prayzgod said...

I remember when my youngest was a baby. I'd use one of those double seat carts, where you can actually put two kids in seats, and one in the cart seat. I'd have the baby in her carrier in the cart seat, and two kids in the riding seats, and one kid standing on the end of the cart riding. I'd be pushing the cart, with four kids riding, full of groceries - with one hand, while I was holding babies bottle while she drank - with the other hand. Mama was getting muscles! LOL ;-)

Just wait a bit longer. Soon your little one will be older, and you'll be back to your old self. It happened to me, and it'll happen for you as well. It will. Really. Soon. ;-)

atomic momma said...

Hi! I certainly understand needing to attend to your family and that is your first priority. You had the ultimate shopping trip today!!!!

I LOVE your blog but mostly love your comments so I would say drop pics and videos and lengthy type posts and just comment because your blog keeps me going. I love your written comments more than anything!