November 17, 2009

from the Abundance of my heart


Been having some computer issues and camera issues and emotional issues.

Computer had to be reformatted completely, which meant we had to copy everything we wanted to keep to the other computer, then wipe this one out and reload it all back. That took some time.

The camera is...I can't remember, but something on it won't close right so my husband has to figure that one out.

Emotionally...well, since I can't help but be brutally honest on here, it was 'time' for my 'monthly friend' and it didn't come when I thought it should and it freaked me out because I thought I was the 1-3/1000 women whose tubals failed and oh my gosh! I'm going to have a baby in July!!!!

No. It didn't fail as of last evening :) But the ENTIRE weekend, I was crampy and achy and on the emotional roller coaster, and cravings were INSANE! Poor, poor hubby.

But I found out something this weekend. I married one of the best men in the world. After the initial outburst and argument, he 'got it'. He was loving and patient and sweet and encouraging and has decided that from now on, every Saturday morning, we as a family would clean the house- every part of it including projects and the outside. He also decided that every Sunday evening we would buy groceries together.

Wow. This man also, yesterday, did NOT wake me up early enough, and when I did get up, he had finished programming the computer, gotten himself and the school girls dressed, lunches made, breakfast made (homemade oatmeal that I had soaked the night before) girls' hair fixed, bags packed... and they were ready to walk out the door.

Wow. This man could SO NOT multi-task things when we first married. This is the same man, who I can be having a conversation with, and then 10 minutes into it, look over at me and say ' what?' Um, yeah, he didn't hear a thing.

I can see what marriage and children have done for him. It basically made him a man. He went from a 29 year old young adult type to being a man. This transformation occurred over the span of 5 years. It technically didn't start until after our second one was born. There were many hard times. But each time we hit a low point, there was growth.

Now I understand one of the reasons why we get married and have children. It's not just for our joy and fulfillment, but it is to mold us into what God has planned for us to be. He can see us many years ahead, what we will become, and guides our way so that we become that. Neat huh?
We would not be who we are now if we were without children. My goodness- what journey!

Anyways, sorry to get off topic or whatever. Just letting you know, that things have not been normal. In fact last night somehow I pulled something in my back and could hardly move! Even this morning I was prepared to go to the chiropractor first thing, but 3 advil took care of it :) Oh, and of course, our prayers.

I have been SEWING!! Finally!!! It's been, oh, 4 months? I am making all the girls a soft and cozy flannel nightgown. I'm doing two at a time, and have just the sleeves and hem on two of them left. Hopefully, you'll get a picture of that :)

Baby's awake!

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Tammy said...

What a wonderful husband! I'm glad things are better and it's so nice to have someone wonderful to depend on. :)