November 23, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha in my brain!!!!


I'm trying to rearrange this house to fit in the Christmas tree! We are so packed in here! I am working so hard to make it look like we're NOT using every inch of available space to store things. As soon as we get our money for buying a house (you know, the govt. is giving up to $8000 for those who are buying a house this year) we are buying our OWN storage building!!!!!

The way our living room is, it is so hard to arrange it where there's room to walk through. Yet, there really isn't anything we can get rid of, like for good. We need to store it!

Why am I doing Christmas stuff so early? Because we'll be getting it out in about a week anyways, and we're doing 'Christmas' with my husband's family Friday.

I still have to get the froze solid turkey into the fridge, clean out the fridge, do laundry, puree the pumpkins I cooked, make bread, go to the store for formula, and continue shuffling stuff around to make it look like we are perfectly organized, LOL :)

"Ok, Martha, slow down and learn the lesson from Mary. Quit hustling and bustling about to make life perfect and sit at the Savior's feet awhile. And lay off the coffee."


liz from new york said...

i forgot to buy my turkey, i thought the week was longer, so i got a 22 pounder,on sunday, sat him on the counter the first nite, and put him in the fridge mon. morning. i'll pull him out again weds. nite, and he should be good to go, i'll do my potatoes and mix up the stuffing the nite before, set up the buffet table too, lay out all pans and such, i still have to go to Mass weds. nite, hopefully MIL will take the kids, i still have to clean..yikes it never ends, it's just hard with the little ones underfoot, as soon as i pick up the toys, out they come again, very discouraging, i have to let them play, or theres nothing to do!i refuse to bake too, so i will throw some sara lee pies in the oven and serve w/ ice cream or whipped cream. see, it's like that for all of us..i just ry to enjoy the day, not try to make it "perfect" anymore, the kids want to remember mom smiling and happy, not stressed when they grow p!!sorry this is so longwinded, i need SOMEONE to gripe to, LOL!

Anneatheart said...

You refuse to bake? I used to be that way...then when I sort of 'mastered' regular cooking, I needed a challenge (lol) and started the baking. Now that's my favorite part- I still don't measure everything, but have learned to eyeball it, and that makes it easier. I'm trying to decided if I want to make homemade rolls or buy some. I do NOT like storebought ones, but, I haven't mastered rolls yet. I also need to make extra dessert for more company the next day, so now i'm up to three pies and a cake. I'm going to try making a hummingbird cake- will give the recipe.

liz from new york said...

the majority of people in my house are'savory' type of people, so baking is never on top of the list, i do though have a breadmaker, which i use. where i live are GREAT italian bakeries, super crunchy loaves of italian bread, and awesome pastries, cannolis and decadent cheesecakes. i could never stand 'store bought' rolls, i use biscuit dough (pillsbury buttermilk) in the cans, everyone loves these too.they usually only want icecream, me and the baby are the pie eaters! so i get wgat i like, apple, and cocunut custard...i'm about to gain at least 10 pounds this season, then the diet ....(sigh), i say that every year!

Kat said...

Heeeeeeey. I thought you were taking a blogging break and here I have two post to catch up on :)