July 24, 2007

A bad day that turned out good

Well, I thought yesterday was difficult.

Today started out pretty well, until I decided to do some more searching and calling for vacation rentals (affordable ones, ha,ha). The kids went berserk then. Tuesday is my day to do the bulk of my cleaning, since I have to take my oldest daughter to speech therapy on Monday and Wednesday in the middle of the day. I also had a friend who has never been to our new house before coming for dinner and to visit this evening, so I had a special meal to prepare.

I tried to get my kids working on different activities while I did my cleaning, but they just cried for one reason or another. They have all sorts of cool things to play with, but I guess they're bored with them or something since they would rather peel wallpaper off the wall or climb on the wood stove. ???? I yelled. A lot. I'm not a loud yelling-type person either. I just got real frustrated.

So, after trying to get things done for a couple of hours, and after firing off a few emails to my new friend Vicki (thirdtimama) I decided to chill. So what if my toilets didn't get scrubbed or if the kitchen floor wasn't spotless? I went to the kitchen and made lunch, fish sticks and french fries-healthy! I figured if they were eating then they'd be busy. I started preparing our evening meal. (lasagna, salad, homemade garlic bread, lemon-butter broccoli, Tirimisu cheesecake) Then because they were a mess ( I let them sample the cheesecake) we put on swim suits and they played in their pool and sandbox while I cleaned up the patio and hung out laundry. We had a good time. Afterwards I finished meal prep while they watched Sesame Street, then they had naps.

My whole attitude shifted- someone was praying for me because everything became nice and calm and happy again. Maybe I had a dip in hormones this morning, LOL! What annoyed and angered me before was only a slight bother. I didn't yell anymore. I am so thankful and blessed that I know the Lord and have His Spirit living in me. What a terrible sight I would be without Him.

And, after I rested a bit and did more online searching, I made myself look presentable (I had been wearing some grungy clothes) in a nice dress, earrings, makeup and fixed hair, cleaned the toilets, tub and sinks, put away all the laundry, finished tidying the kitchen and meal prep, got my girls prettied up and had time for them to help me finish our meal. Everyone was pleasant and happy. Wow.

It all got done anyhow, with a good attitude. By the grace of God! Thank you too Vicki!

P.S. I am planning to do more posting besides on my crazy days. I am planning to do one of my binder and possibly a 'Week in Feminine Dress'. Not sure how to take pictures of myself since my camera doesn't have a timer.


Mama said...

yup it happens here too and what a difference if I can just RELAX:)

Valerie said...

Sweet story with a nice ending! Glad it all worked out for you :D

Thirdtimemomma said...

Yay for fish sticks!!! And pools! Always make my day better. :P Im a friend!! He he..