July 23, 2007

My Monday

Wow, what a day. Usually Mondays are good for me- I've had all day Sunday to rest and relax and am ready to go again on Monday. Well, for one reason or another I just got way backed up on things this weekend- such as the dryer not working, I have a terrible pain in my back/hip- like a pinched nerve that I am going to see a doctor for, and just being busy in general. I actually didn't do dishes two nights in a row! GASP!! I hate the feeling of being behind, and that everything is just building up.

So, I planned to go to bed early and get up early to get things moving since today Leiah had speech therapy and I didn't have babysitters for the other two. Well, let's just say things didn't go as planned with going to bed early . I got up at 6:30, showered, dressed, tidied the bedroom, quickly cleaned our toilet, and started laundry. I then started breakfast, loaded the dishwasher and started it, and quickly tidied up the kitchen and living room. After I got the girls up and changed (diaper/pullup) they ate breakfast, I stripped all beds, got them dressed, switched laundry, finished getting myself ready, packed the purse/diaper bag and put the animals out. I was also on the computer for about 20 minutes in there looking for accomodations for our vacation- a very spur of the moment one.

So, kids are all in the car (which is a feat in itself- three five point harness carseats, ack!) got the dvd going, begin driving. An hour later we arrive to the therapy place, kids are all over the place while I'm haggling with the front desk lady about my copay, then Alexa has to go to the bathroom, so we all go in there- she's on the potty while I'm trying to keep Sarah andLeiah out of everything, which Sarah did get her hand in the toilet, so we washed everyone's hands, then the therapist came out and she was a 'sub' so we all went with Leiah so she wouldn't get upset.

After that we drive to Brookshires, a grocery store my husband works for, and attempt to remember the few things I needed. See, they're running a special that if you buy $35 worth of groceries each week for 14 weeks, then you get a free canopy thing that goes outside- kind of like a tent. Very handy at parks and beaches. So, I went there to buy $35 of items and get my canopy. (since we're planning to go to the beach soon) After I pay for everything, they tell me all the canopies are gone- they're out! 4 months of buying groceries and I don't get it! They did give me a $70 gift card, so at least it was something.

We drive home, eat a sandwich, put kids down for naps. Sarah doesn't want to sleep, which is VERY unusual- she usually takes a 3 hour nap. So after 45 minutes of playing I let her up. I had been online again looking for places to stay. So, that was when I realized my dryer wasn't working anymore (about 3:30pm) and I had all of our wet bedding to get dry. So I hung it all out on my new clothesline. Then, because I splurged and drank a 20oz Coke- not in one sitting- I got a major energy rush and got all my dishes washed, laundry folded, floors cleaned, clutter put away and made dinner.

I didn't get my exercising in and I barely got tweaking my home management binder in today. I still have time for Bible reading, but I forget that my schedule doesn't rule me. It's not going to scold me for not getting everything done. I am thinking about changing things up a bit, maybe lightening the cleaning load until Leiah goes back to school. I am also going to put a new section in my binder- "Daily Reminders". There are things that I NEED to do that I totally forget about- like taking vitamins, putting Leiah's glasses on her and her eyedrops, and other things I forgot, LOL. I am also going to have company tomorrow night, which is usually when I shop for groceries, so I had to rearrange things a bit. It's good to be flexible though. It sort of feels like someone who is juggling breakable items while running at the same time!


Thirdtimemomma said...

Wow. Im out of breath just reading about your day!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Hey Mama!
My basket also contains paper napkins when we have them :)