July 31, 2007

Feeding A Crowd

Does anyone know of some good recipes or where to find some that will feed a large group of people? My brother-in-law's family isn't really large, just 6 of them, but three are teenage boys and they can go through the food. I think they may be slightly picky eaters as well. I am keeping my 4 month old niece today along with my three girls, so I may not have time to search for ideas.

Please leave me a comment if you know of something! Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

When I am feeding a large crowd...I like to use simple recipes that can be expanded almost effortlessly. Spaghetti, salad, and bread/ Red beans and Rice with Cornbread / Chili with Cornbread/ Pasta Salads and Breadsticks / Tuna Casserole and Applesauce

Thirdtimemomma said...

II would suggest just double-ing or tripling whatever you normally make. Spegetti is nice. BBQ chicken (like drumsticks) with HH baked beans and some corn cobs. Oh and the Duggars have some great recipes on their site. Try the tater tot casserole. That's my families favorite!

Anneatheart said...

Thanks for the ideas, I was drawing a complete blank. Could be because I am now watching my three girls and my sister's three kids! 6,4,4,3,1,4 months!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thirdtimemomma said...

Now that is crazy!

Linda said...

Make a potatoe-based salad to go with whatever you're eating.

(mashed potatoes, mayonaise and pieces of meat / vegetables)

VERY filling and doesn't take up too much space! We always have some when we're eating in church (80 people)

greetings from the netherlands!

Anneatheart said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the potato salad idea. I have a cousin the The Netherlands and have visited there myself. I loved it!! My cousin and I email and talk all the time- so wish I could come back for a visit :)