July 12, 2007

I just had to brag on my daughters. Leiah has been to speech therapy twice this week and is doing wonderfully. I am so proud of her. Previously, she would be very upset about going with the therapist- now she just whines a little until she gets through the door. Then, when they would try to get her to say anything, she might try a little and then get frustrated and cry. Well, she has been saying everything the therapist wants her to. Yesterday they broke up the word 'apple' into three parts- 'a...pp...le' and Leiah said all of it. She is getting her to say the 'buh' sound for /b/ and I've been getting her to say /b/ words all the time. This is so exciting- it's a breakthrough for her. I can see now that it won't be long before she can get words and communicate with us.

Now about Alexa- Monday as I was walking through the room I heard her talking to herself 'Jesus loves me.' she said. I stopped and asked her ' Did you say Jesus loves me?' She smiled and said yes. When you think things aren't getting through to them, they really are.

On to Sarah, this child is getting smart. She has been running into the kitchen when she wants something, like a bottle, and will kind of whine till I come in there. Then she'll walk over to the cupboard where I keep her bottles/cups, I'll get one, then she'll run over to the fridge to 'tell' me to get the milk or water or juice or whatever. Then when I get it and pour it into the bottle or cup, she starts laughing. I guess she's saying thank you. She's getting her message across at only 16 months.

Such sweet children- there are days when they aren't too sweet, but then I'm probably not sweet all the time either. I forget they are very little still and have lots to learn.


Michelle said...

As the mother of older children, let me agree with you that thing absolutely *do* get through to them. It's amazing to hear my 20yo at times. It's like listening to a recording of me. Makes me take my responsibility of mothering all the more serious.

Cheryl said...

That's WONDERFUL about the speech therapy! I love it when it starts to click! When mine wrote a note on a heart I cut out for her, she wrote, "I L U M R", I love you mother, I cried! It was like she's FINALLY getting it and I am doing something right!! And you are so right, they pick it up even when you don't know it! Its amazing to sit back and listen to them!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Wow! Im on you "blogs I enjoy." :)