July 28, 2007

Clothesline Diaries

I wanted to share a fun experience, and I say fun in a most sarcastic way. Thursday I had hung out about 100 items on our clothesline to dry. It was late in the day because that morning the dryer was working, so I didn't realize it wasn't drying until later. About 5pm I was in the kitchen making dinner when I noticed it was getting pretty dark. It has been raining and storming almost daily for the whole summer, but the past week had been sunny most of the time. OOPS!

So I ran outside and the wind was gusting, tree branches were breaking off and falling around me, and I was frantically pulling off mostly-dry clothes while also putting my clothespins in my little bag to take inside. I think I got it all off in two minutes! Plus I had all the little people running around my legs trying to 'help'. I ran with that heavy laundry basket trailing clothespins behind me and just made it in when the rain hit. Fun stuff. The same thing happened yesterday only I didn't get it off the line in time- they just got a 'second washing'.

If all goes well today I plan to put my home management binder online. We'll see, if not, I will get it soon.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Thirdtimemomma said...

Wow! Poor you! Lord Heal that dryer. :)

Um, I used the $70 menu from HBHW. I splurged! I also buy organic whole milk (we use reg whole milk when money is tight) and Im going to make NT bread. (I used the recipie you suggested and it worked beautifully.) I also had some left over potatos (pastors get the gleanings from other peoples gardens alot) instead of the boxed mashed potatos. :)

Hey, when I made my NT bread it broke apart when I cut it. I did like you and used all the dough for one loaf instead of spliting it up. Any ideas? I also didnt have a package of yeast just the jar and it said to use 1 tsp yeast per cup of flour so I used 5tsp.. (shrug)


prayzgod said...

I look forward to seeing your Home Management Binder. :-)