October 17, 2007

Autumn Touches

I love seasonal decorating, Christmas being my favorite. I love how there are so many pretty decorations and ideas to choose from in the stores now. I made our front door wreath this morning- no rhyme or reason, just sticking things in here and there, make a bow, hot glue it and some pumpkins and gourds. Simple, easy and CHEAP!

This a paper plate 'wreath' Alexa made at school- I hung it on the ceiling fan pull cord:)
I love my tablecloth, but Wal-Mart only sells the 'oblong' and 'square' sizes now. I have a round table...doesn't fit too well. Oh well, it's less than $4. My fresh flowers are on their last leg...they were pretty though.

Here's the stove...the lighting isn't that lovely. I hope we actually get to use this stove. Right now we're still using the air conditioning.


MAMA said...

fall decorations are my favorite! Something about the earthyness of it!

Whitney B. said...

Very pretty!! Fall is my favorite!!

Thirdtimemomma said...


manda said...

Well, my lady.. you will be happy to know that i FINALLY got my blog up and running... don't have anything especially recent on there, but i got all the background info up.
love you... here's the addy: http://giveyourangelschargeofme.blogspot.com/
love you