October 15, 2007


Sorry for the lack of activity around here. Friday Leiah got sick at school (like, vomit) so I had to get her, and then I was gone to a Ladies conference, and then we had a weiner roast and a birthday dinner all mixed in there. Leiah is pretty sick- she doesn't have a stomach bug but a lot of phlegm which makes her get choked up and gag. She threw up again Saturday but acted totally fine, so I know because of her gag reflex she just got choked up. Because of the Trisomy 9, she doesn't understand how to cough and swallow it or even sniff her nose if snot is running out. Yesterday she fell and hit her head on the pavement and has a large swollen area in the middle of her forehead. She kept on falling afterwards, so because of that and all the chest congestion I am taking her to the doctor this afternoon to be checked out. We almost took her to the ER last night because she couldn't breathe.

Leiah almost never gets sick, so this is very uncharacteristic of her and was so sudden. She seems better today, but I'm still taking her in to be checked out just in case. I do have lots of things rolling around in my brain to post about, but since we are having a major birthday party this weekend and I have lots to do, I may be absent. But you never know!


Sarah said...

Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Hope all is well with Leiah! =)

It's Monday already?? said...

Hope everything is okay! Keep us posted!