October 31, 2007

Save me from the candy!

The bad thing about having children in school is that every holiday there are parties and well meaning friends that send home masses of candy and stuff. I'm trying so hard not to let them eat a lot, but we just keep getting into it. Everyone is getting hyped up and grouchy as the sugar highs come crashing down...

I hope I have some trick or treaters come by to get rid of it!


prayzgod said...

I think some people who know me view me as some meany... I don't allow candy for my children, except VERY rarely, and not very much.

As you know, I homeschool, so I don't have to deal with that... At church, I keep my children with me as well. Children's church gives out more candy to each individual child than my children get in a whole year. :-?

Sometimes someone hands out extra candy and treats after church. We politely try to avoid those people.

Our church had some Halloween candy scripture treating things. We didn't attend. We don't trick or treat, we don't go to carnivals or anything for Halloween. Our Halloweens are spent given chick tracts to trick or treaters who come to our door. :-P

When a lot of candy is given to my children (like at parades) we'll go through it, and I let them have a few peices, and the rest we give away (or throw away).

Anneatheart said...

Well, I am sort of a meany about the candy too. In fact, this evening was so terrible that most of it will go into the trash tomorrow, or I'll just stash it at church or something. I feel like home baked treats are ok and allow them more often, but candy is really a big no no. I can't imagine that people just let their kids eat all their candy from trick-or-treating! We only had 1 visit from trick-or-treaters too...please take the whole basket!!!!!

Mama said...

Ha ha my kids just got a bag each at church tonight. We ration it:)
btw I posted part 2 of my home tour