October 28, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Wow our weekends are so busy! They'll probably be busy for a long time too...

Anyways, this is our menu plan for the week. Unfortunately we had some miscommunication among our bills this week and are experiencing some fund shortage, so I'm trying to use what we have on hand for the next few days. I'm not listing lunch on here-haven't figured that out yet.

Monday: Breakfast is leftover baked oatmeal, yogurt and oranges
Dinner is creamed chicken with biscuits (like a reverse chicken pie)

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, sweet potato biscuits (new recipe to try)
Pasta with homemade tomato sauce, garlic broccoli and garlic bread

Wednesday: Buckwheat Blueberry Waffles, oranges
Cheese burgers, oven fries, raw veggies (carrots, celery, broccoli)

Thursday: Cooked rice (with milk, cinnamon, raisins and honey), toast
potato soup, BLT sandwiches

Friday: fried eggs, cinnamon-honey toast
Spinach pizza, veggies and dip

Saturday: French toast, turkey ham
dinner is unknown- I'm hosting a Pampered Chef thingie that afternoon...

Tomorrow I will be baking some bread and biscuits. We have had so much junk this last week with different parties and such that I'm trying not to bake because I tend towards the sweet side, but we're about out of bread. My whole family is having a hard time with sinus and allergies- I don't ever remember my girls having such a hard time with it. Snot city here! I don't know any home remedies that will work that will taste good. All I know is garlic :)

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and commented about homeschool and the pictures of my house. I am still thinking and praying and researching about homeschooling my special needs little girl. I'm just waiting on the Lord for now.

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Anonymous said...

I homeschool... I never intended on homeschooling as my oldest went to public kindergarten. He was the typical "hyper kid", and the teacher even told us that she did a "test" on him to see if he could sit still. He could - for 25 cents. Then wanted to do it again - for 25 cents.

We prayed that if God wanted us to homeschool, we would run into someone who REALLY knew all about homeschooling. That evening... yes, that evening... I went to a craft night at church. Our church only had maybe two homeschoolers at the time. Well, I was sitting across from this "new" lady. We kicked up a conversation... and I found out she was the regional director for the Association of Home Educators! The QUEEN of homeschooling. I literally got goosebumps.
Pray that God would show you clearly what to do. Research everything.
The best piece of advice this woman gave us was to EXPECT the first year to be very difficult. The second year it will get better. By the third year you can't imagine doing anything else. By the fourth year it's a breeze and has become normal and easy.
We're on our fourth year. She was right!
Our son was allergic to over two dozen foods and that was why he was so hyper. Would he have ended up not diagnosed and just treated for the symptoms? Definitely.

Above all, pray!