October 5, 2007

Saurkraut-NT Style

I wanted to get this up yesterday, but couldn't access the site till later last night, then I was too tired. I made some saurkraut- a food I absolutely hate! At least, the storebought version-gag! But, I'd heard real fermented saurkraut was nothing like the canned kind, so I gave it a try.

Here's the lay out- I just used a regular cheapo cabbage, some sea salt, whey that I drained from yogurt, and caraway seeds.
Next I cut the cabbage in half with my very sharp santoku knife, then I cut it in quarters. To get the core out, I slice the core part off on an angle, as shown in the pictures. It's the easiest way I know of.

Next I finely sliced the cabbage and piled it in a large bowl. Next came the rest of the ingredients-1 T salt, 4 T of whey, and 1 t caraway seeds.

Then I have to beat the stuff for 10 minutes with a meat pounder. I don't have one and didn't really want to buy one, so I used my potato masher. The idea is the get the cabbage to exude it's natural juices. I got some juice, but not near enough.
This is what it looks like after pounding.

Then I put it in a quart sized mason jar and added filtered water so that all the cabbage was submerged. I had some leftover that didn't fit in the jar, so I added some other ingredients to make a different flavor.

I had some cilantro and also added about a teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes and three cloves of roughly chopped garlic. I added a little more salt and whey and pounded some more, then jarred it up. I put them in a cupboard for three days. By the second day you see a change in the veggies and the liquid gets cloudy. I then put the jars in the fridge for a few hours and then tasted it. I have to say, when first opening the jars, the smell is um, rather like a toot LOL. But, it tastes good! I like it!! The one with the garlic and cilantro is really good. It just tastes something like a pickle- tangy and a little crunchy and sour. The one with the caraway seeds would have been better with a bit more salt and maybe even some dill. I bet it's great with a hot dog!
Next I would like to re-try the ginger carrots- we weren't impressed with those, too salty, and then maybe some pickled beets. I've never eaten a beet.

But, probably before that I will make a fruit chutney from apples since they are on sale and in season. I tried a recipe with apples the other night. I took two Jonathon apples, which are semi- tart and great for baking and looked beautiful, half them, brushed with butter, then sprinkled chopped walnuts and a little brown sugar, then roasted them for 15 minutes at 425 degrees. They were supposed to go on top raw baby spinach with a dressing, but the combo didn't taste good to me, so I just ate the apples and spinach separate.

The apples were so yummy though.


Rachel said...

I never thought to make my own. The pics really help! Thanks!! I usually drain a can well, saute some onion in a bit of olive oil, add kraut and saute until browned. We like it on hot dawgs! MMM

blessedmomma said...

let us know how it turns out. We have been making the Japanese kraut version from Nourishing Traditions - it is a bit milder and not as "offensive" as kimchee, a garlicky, rough tasting kraut.