December 2, 2009

It's working

Yesterday went very well too. I drank some herbal tea with coconut oil in it (weird, but tastes fine) and it seemed to keep my energy and mood even. For dinner I ate about 1/2 cup soaked cooked brown rice with stir fried veggies and natural soy sauce. Wow it tasted good! I ate a large salad and then ate some more veggies.

Oh, I stole a bite of pumpkin pie, just to see if it was still good. It was, so I fed the rest of it to my daughters for a bedtime snack and threw the rest out :)

Today I ate fruit this morning, and since I was out shopping and it's freezing, I drove through McDonald's and got two grilled chicken wraps. My plan now is to make wise choices (grilled vs. fried), portion control, and confuse my metabolism. See, I ate a very low amount of calories for 2.5 days, so it's like what the hey? This evening I'll eat some chicken and potatoes and salad, and really confuse it! Tomorrow I plan to fast till dinner, which will make it confused again. It doesn't have time to get used to a certain amount of calories so it'll end up burning more.

Long term plan? 6 small meals a day of well combined protein, carb and fat, focusing the carbs on vegetables and fruits and one big ole cheat day.

I believe in good fats and animal foods, but for someone like me, I need to moderate it until I lose enough. I'll post some recent pictures soon.

The good news is I lost between 3-5lbs (scale isn't too good) and my shirt is looser.

Crazy to do during the holidays but this is the exact time period I did it before, a whole 8 years ago!!!! I made it then and lost around 35lbs, so I'm sure I can do it again.


David said...

Hey Jessica,
I'm praying for you and your weight loss. My family and I are starting a new way of life also. I made turkey chili for supper tonight. Pretty good. Hope you had a great day.

Cristal in Florida

Kimberly said...

Yaaaah Jessica! Keep up the good work. So hard with all the little ones. Stay focused and it'll come off. I have high school age boys who are wrestlers so we're all dieting let me tell you that makes teenage boys grumpy. Anyway! Hang in there girl! Prayers!