December 3, 2009


Aww, thanks for the sweet comment from everyone.

I admit, I did hit a low last night. It's difficult because I've wanted to get back to what I was for about 8 years now, and it just seems so far beyond my reach! I do realize that 1) I just had a baby, 2) it's holiday time, 3) life is much busier because we have 4 children and all the stuff that goes with family.

I'm just SO ready to get there! Slow and steady isn't what I want, instantaneous is what I want :) Don't we all?

Well, I am taking pictures of my revamped Christmas decor. Yes I already had it up during Thanksgiving because we were doing Christmas presents with the grandparents because they live so far away and won't be here. I knew we would be getting it all out in a week anyways, so we just went ahead :)

The month of December is filling up FAST!!! There aren't a lot of free weekends...this one is full of going to the tree farm, putting up house lights and then the first Christmas party of the year :) Now that I have school children, there's all kinds of projects, activities and parties coming. I've tried to simplify it as best I can, but the best thing is just to accept that this time of year is busy and go with it.

Gotta go- bed time for girls.


liz from new york said...

i'm really glad your still blogging!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, my weekends are filling up as well. Isn't it fun, though? I have mountains of laundry, my counters are covered under dirty dishes, and I think one of the boys missed the potty while peeing half asleep last night, because it smells like urine in there. Needless to say, I'll be up late cleaning tonight, as there will be no time this weekend. :-)

We are supposed to bring silly gifts to exchange at the up and coming Christmas party. Hubby is bringing a wrapped up bag of Epsom salts. My gift isn't really too funny - I'm bringing some fresh baked bread. However, I'm going to wrap it in wrapping paper, with "fragile" written on it, so it'll be a bit funny. :-)

Jessica, how about some updated pictures of your home? Let's see the Christmas decor. :-)