December 28, 2009

A Long One

Well, hello there :)

I'm back into the blog world again. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did, but we had some difficulties. I won't go into details, but we were all sick with a cold or virus or flu, however much of it lifted by Christmas Day. We had to call off the Swedish smorgasbord because my 85 yer old grandmother ended up having pneumonia, and need to be hospitalized!

But, all in all, we had a lovely Christmas. My sweet husband made savory crepes Christmas Eve, it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!! That never has happened in my entire 27 years of life! I made the house as pretty as I could, we ate, drank sparkling grape juice in wine goblets (big treat for the kiddies), opened their 1 present (pajamas) and took pictures in them, hung stockings, set out cookies and milk, and after they went to bed Santa Clause came :)

What did I get? Well, I got a BEAUTIFUL amplified Bible. I really wanted one. I really like studying the Hebrew/Greek of the scriptures, but don't always have the time to do it on my own. The amplified does some of the work for you. Last night I was laying on my bed with that Bible and the King James, just looking up favorite passages.

I also got my own little toolbox! Great idea Matt, and we have used it a lot already. It's a small lightweight one, filled with wire cutters, a flashlight, a small hammer, screwdrivers (both kinds and in two sizes each) and some nails so I'll hopefully ditch the thumbtacks! I also got Samantha's birthstone girl to add to my necklace- I'll I have to take a picture of that one.

Oh, there was also a 25lb bag of wheat under the tree...hmmm....this was explained later at my mom's house. She got me a grain mill! I've been wanting one forEVER! This is the kind that fits onto the kitchenaid mixer. I used it this morning and even on the finest setting, the flour is more coarse, but I can mix it with unbleached flour.

My girls also got their own radio flyer scooter and they're doing great with them. The fold up easily, are lightweight, and they can use them in the house without driving me nuts :)

Saturday was Alexa's 6th birthday. We spent it eating McDonald's for lunch, going to see the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakel, getting ice cream and bringing flowers to my sick grandmother.

It's always kind of sad to me when Christmas is over. The build up is for over a month, and then just like that, it's done. My favorite part is Christmas Eve- the anticipation and making everything special. Yes I do enjoy the opening presents part too, but still, now it's done! I am going to take down some of the decor, but leave most of it because I am still having the smorgasbord for New Years.

Okie doke, I just wanted to say that my blog is going to take a different turn for awhile. I happened on some information about diet and health (yes still Nourishing Traditions) and I'm going to a deeper level here.

In the future I will post the links of where I got all the info, but for a quick overview here, this is what I found.

The whole basis of Nourishing Traditions is off the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist in the early 1900s. He traveled the globe searching for people who had never had much contact or any contact with civilized man. He found healthy, robust people with straight teeth!

One of the groups of people were the Inuits, or Eskimos. Well, what did they eat? Seal oil. Fish. Wild game. FAT! And, he noted, that during the winter, especially the women, ate a lot of food and yet they hardly moved at all. You'd think that someone eating all those calories and not burning them off would be fat. But he said they were almost to the point of being too thin.

Wow. So there was some more research done by another man I'll tell you about later, and basically this is the thing. More people exercise now, in their free time, than back in the 70s, yet we as a people are like 40% fatter than we were. Why aren't we thinner? It's all about diet. We now consume more sugar, processed oils, and corn products than in that time. Read labels! Corn syrup is everywhere!!

So, it's not that I lay around and eat all day that I'm on the fat side. Cuz I'm usually running! The last week I've barely been eating for lack of appetite. I'm not gorging. It's the quality of food!

So, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to eat a lot of good fat and see what happens. I'm ordering some fermented fish oil (supposedly much more nutrient dense), buying raw milk, making butter from it, buying the best meat I can find and am going to have at it.

In the beginning, I won't be able to be perfect in this. I don't have grassfed beef and free range chicken yet. I'll get there eventually. Yes it costs a little more, but I have an article and a chart that costed out the regular food and this food and it wasn't much more at all if not less than typical supermarket food!

I created a meal plan that will work for us and that will be my focus for awhile. Food, clothes, dishes, kids and family, God. Not in that order :) I can't explain how relieved and excited I was to see that it wasn't totally my fault that I was overweight. My only fault was pregnancy and being on bedrest and all the food went to me not baby, then we kept having babies...honestly, that's the truth. My body has just stayed where it is for some reason.

There will more info and science to back this up, but that's what I'm doing. I did this before, but it's getting kicked up to a new level. I didn't worry so much about the quality of meat and fat and stuff before, now I realize that's very important.

Gotta go!


liz from new york said...

well, i think i will follow you on this journey,i'll probably do atkins for awhile, i did lose 20 pounds on that a couple of years ago, but only to kick start the diet.i could never live without bread, potatoes, and ketchup! i do need to exercise though, im gonna pull out the treadmill, and hubby bought me a weider universal unit, the kind with weights and pulleys for strenghth training...i really need to lose at least 30 pounds, im sick and tired of not feeling like i look good in my clothes, and dressing to 'hide' bulges..i'm going to wait till saturday though, no sense in wasting all the yummy treats over here!1

Kat said...

I agree about the build up to Christmas and it being sad when it's over. Even my daughter (11 yrs old) said yesterday, "The best part of Christmas are the days right before it...when you have all the excitement and waiting." Yes, I think part of the fun is in the waiting :) I have most of the decor down, and we'll finish and take down the tree Fri. or Sat.

Robyn said...

It's good to read your updates and I saved your new blog link. :-)

you said:
"I can't explain how relieved and excited I was to see that it wasn't totally my fault that I was overweight."

I, too, was excited and relieved to find out it wasn't totally my fault or lack of willpower that caused my weight gain. It was a huge relief to realize if I ate nutrient-dense foods then my insane food-cravings would go away - and it works! I started eating lots of good fats and quality NT foods, we added daily kefir and fermented cod liver oil and I feel 100% better. I never have food cravings anymore, unless we eat junk food.

I think it was in the book 'Eat Fat, Lose Fat' that I read obesity is caused by a nutritional deficiency. If your body is starved of nutrients, your cravings will be out of control. If you feed those cravings with junky, low-nutrient foods, your cravings will never go away, your body never gets the nutrients it needs, and you store the extra junk food as fat. Reading that was a light-bulb moment for me. :-)