December 8, 2009

Snapshots of the Wild Weekend

Still working on the house pics/video...but here are some from the weekend.

The hayride to get the tree.

Trying the get the perfect picture in front of the perfect tree. Sarah isn't wanting to cooperate.

She just needed a good tickling.


Still better...

Great! oh, we're missing some kids...Alexa took this picture! (she's almost 6- wow)

The most popular guest at the Christmas party.

Dessert! That's their friend Shelbi.

Samantha loving Granna's glittery snowman.

Twirling Sunday morning in their fancy dresses.


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful and so does your family- truly you are blessed! Your home looks so cozy and warm & Christmassy too! ;)

God bless and thank you for sharing, I love to see everyones christmas home! Your daughters dresses are so beautiful!!!

Many blessings!!!

~Joy =)

momto9 said...

All the pictures are great! A good tickle always helps!

liz from new york said...

hah,you have such girly girls..i love it! my emily is a 'girly girl' too, loves a pretty dress, and anything sparkly, the gaudier the better, lol!