December 16, 2009

Normal lady is back

Well, since we're being honest here, Scrooge left. Part of my problem is I am like a little kid when it comes to Christmas- I want the last week before Christmas to get here and not have to go through the whole month before we get to the good part :) Those last few days before Christmas Day are the best and most anticipatory :)

Also, Aunt Flo, or our monthly friend did come and it's like a big sigh of relief in my body. Being a woman is HARD! I am in no way wishing the season to be over at all. The contrary- I want to prolong it because it's flying by. I did manage to get some presents wrapped today. I planned out the Christmas Eve smorgasbord menu, which we'll get to in another post. I'm a little nervous that I have no presents for my husband, niece and nephews or my parents. But I know that dh doesn't have any for me yet either :)

I snapped these the other day, but didn't get to it yet. Yes, here are our decked out halls. I wanted a more natural look this year. Decorating is very important to me. I can't explain it exactly, except that it has to do with the memory of being a child and being enthralled with all the Christmas decor and being SO excited. I try to generate the same thing into my daughters. I guess I think everyone is like me :) My grandparents were so crafty, so that's where I get that from, because I spent SO much time with them.

Here is the front door. A fake wreath, a cheap red bow, some pinecones and red berries from the woods.

Here is our real tree with mostly homemade ornaments. It smells wonderful.

The back wall. This was a grapevine wreath that I just stuck cedar twigs and red berries from the dogwood trees on it.

The snowman collection that someone started for me :) Somehow I keep getting snowmen. They aren't my favorite, but they make it out every year.

This is the Christmas village my grandmother gave me. It certainly could look better, but I can't keep little hands from rearranging :)

My kitchen. I couldn't get a good picture, but there are lights up above the cabinets and I nested cedar branches in among them.

The kitchen tree :)

The window above the kitchen sink.

The stockings I made, but haven't hung up yet.


liz from new york said...

love the decor, im gonna run now, to try and find some gifts for my family, gonna be hard w/such a tight budget this year! i do admire your stamina, i wish i was able to run around like i did, even 10 years ago, and it's funny, my poor manger has been "arranged" so many times by the little ones, that poor joseph and mary dont even know where they are from day to day!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet those lights above your cabinets look beautiful in the dark!
You reminded me of a story about when my mom was little. My grandparents were very poor one Christmas, so they didn't have the money for a tree. My grandfather took wire and branches and constructed a Christmas tree frame. Then he went into the woods and cut a branch off of evergreens here and there on a long walk, came home, wired the cuttings all over the frame and then hung lights and their few ornaments from Christmas Past all over it. Mom says it was one of the most beautiful trees she can remember. (of course way back then the tree stayed up for a week or so) Isn't it cool to know how people did so much with what little they had? Being in want can either produce disappointment, or creativity. I hope I always choose creativity!