August 14, 2013

Bedroom Ideas

So I haven't started decluttering yet. Monday I had some running around to do, as in a lot! Yesterday I spent the day trying to get things in order for school. Today is supposed to be rainy and stormy, which is nice because the weather is cooling off!!! But, going to the store is more difficult.

However, last night I did some looking around at bedroom ideas. In all our 12 years of marriage, I've never really 'done' our bedroom. Though we are planning to sell this house, the bedroom needs some paint anyways, and any new furniture I get will go with us in a move, so why not? My bedding I purchased four years ago no is coming apart at the seams, literally, even though it's been dry cleaned ONCE! My husband doesn't care at all what I choose, so I am thinking of going with my inner girl and choose a romantic look. The main thing is paint walls, new window coverings and new bedding. I'm not planning on getting other new furniture unless it's really cheap or free. In fact most furniture in there now is coming out and going into storage! Anyways, some ideas that I liked:

I am really liking pink, beige and cream/white. Very soft and vintage-y.

Really pretty!!! However the living room is blue, so I'm not sure I want to do a blue master bedroom too. But I like the decor a lot.

Rose theme!

I would prefer to have white or cream bedding, scary I know, but I really like how it looks. Then use other items to bring color in, this way, knowing how I like to change things up, the bedding works with whatever changes I want!
 I like this green too, green and pink roses.

I would actually consider a pink room, only more of a deeper rose color, I have a picture in a magazine with a bedroom in a darker pink that I really like. I don't is very, pink and to someone looking to buy our home pink might be the worst color! Neutral is probably best.

Fun things to think about!

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