August 20, 2013

Busy Days

The last week before school starts is....busy. I am busily purging the house right now, trying to get things more manageable. We have had difficulty getting our girls to get things cleaned up in a short amount of time, so in my mind, that equals too much stuff. Sunday evening I hit one bedroom, and yesterday the other. I am feeling a bit more in control of things and it looks like we could have a cleaner home all the time now.

I went back to Flylady's website and re-educated myself on her methods.I really enjoyed watching her videos because she is very encouraging and funny. I've been trying to make some simple changes, but honestly, the hardest for me is getting up on time! I have been out of my Advocare Spark drink for awhile and I am missing it. It not only gives me energy but really helps me to focus- no foggy brain feeling. I am putting in order for that as soon as possible.

The rest of the week's plans are:
Tuesday- clean the fridge out (my LEAST liked job ever)
                mop the kitchen floor
                maybe clean out the bathroom cabinets
                *also make bread and get crockpot going
Wednesday- library and groceries
                     rearrange the living room and my bedroom (with dh's help in the evening)
 Thursday- bake breakfast items for freezer
Friday- finish any decluttering if needed
             more baking if needed
 Weekend- get things ready for school- clothes ready, backpack and lunchbox stuff ready (for my oldest) and get homeschool things set

I've also been creating a daily and weekly schedule for homeschool and life in general, and I may post that later, as I now I have to get down to the nitty gritty on those kitchen tasks I listed. 

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Scarlett Martinelli said...

I've been meaning to ask how Advocare is going. I've been following Trim Healthy Mama and I love it! Finally I can use my sourdough bread recipe without guilt!

Good luck in the new school year!