August 23, 2013


I've been in a crafting rut, or rather a crafting sabbatical. I guess with it being so hot and all knitting hasn't really held my interest. I did finish a project and started a new one, but the new one is rather boring. Too, I've been pretty busy and occupied with other things and haven't had time to sit and knit or crochet.

Since I have four daughters and I like for them to look pretty and classic, I end up needing to sew for them a lot. I especially need to for things like Easter or special occasions because it's expensive and the dresses usually aren't what we want. Now that the girls are getting bigger and are starting to cross over into 'junior' sizes, clothing selection is limited. I am appalled at some of the things out there.

I started doing a lot of sewing at the beginning of the summer, but I kind of fizzled out, especially when some of things just weren't working out. Still, every once in awhile I do get on Pinterest and start searching for ideas, and wow, that is the place to go! I remembered seeing this idea awhile back and thought it was so creative. My girls are princesses at heart, yet they don't make much princess stuff in bigger girl sizes. This is an easy, cheap and a great idea.

 You just need one pattern, some elastic and a basic understanding of how to make ruffles and add trim/embellishments.

We've also been watching some German theme movies lately-The Sound of Music and Hookwinked 2 (yes the villains are Hansel and Gretel)- and I was thinking of how cute it would be to make them a German folk dress. I've been looking online for ideas and fabrics today-they would be so cute!!!

 You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find good pictures of traditional folkwear that is appropriate! My goodness, does everything have to be sexy nowadays? So annoying.

Anyways, this would be done very simply of course, with a peasant style top in white, a 'vest' or bodice in black or another color with ribbon sewn on to look like laces, the skirt done in red or blue, embroidered ribbon trim, a white apron...I might even be able to make it all in one piece. Anyways, it's an adorable idea.

So I have some inspiration for sewing now. I was also thinking about how the girls would LOVE to have an old fashioned white frilly and lacy nightgown. I have several white sheets that would be a good candidate for that and pulled some patterns out just a little while ago to figure out how to do it. Now I just need some time and energy to do it.

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