August 8, 2013

Picture Updates

Ok, it has been a looooong time since I posted any pictures of us. Mainly our old digital camera died, and I use my blackberry to take pics. And, until today, I didn't know where the USB cable was to upload photos from the phone. Most of these pictures are a year old, as I've not been taking lots of pictures lately, for whatever reason. Too busy to think of it I guess!!

All the girls- Samanta, Alexa, Sarah and Leiah- December last year.

Samantha on July 4th, stuffing her mouth with tomatoes.
Alexa and her cat, whose name is actually Little Prince. We call him Princey for short.

Sarah in one of her stylish outfits. I did make her change before we left the house.

Birthday party shopping last year. My other pictures of Leiah got messed up so I'll have to add them to this post later.

Cake and Cookies

You'll notice there are no pictures of me-I'm the one taking pictures :) To be updated...

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