June 28, 2007

More updates

Well, I haven't lost any weight yet. Unfortunately I seemed to have gained a little, but I think my scale is messed up, because each day it's so different. One day it'll be 225, then 229, then back down, and I doubt my weight is fluctuating that much! Not in just a day or two anyways. I have been pretty sore, and my girls didn't cooperate with me Tuesday so I could get the exercise in. I shall do my best to get it in today. I did enjoy it and felt good afterwards then, but the next day,well, OUCH!

I assume that since I do eat healthy besides the sugar, that my eating is ok, and I need to focus on exercise. I do need to drink more water that's for sure, so hard for me to remember! And I don't eat a lot of food at each meal...not sure what the deal is.

However, I am working on a project and will have pictures posted soon, thus the reason for my absence besides having a generally busy life.

To be continued....

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