June 22, 2007

My Cleaning Routine

Over the last couple of years I've been looking for the perfect system of cleaning the house. I've done the all day clean-a-thon, very tiring and not very efficient, and I've also done the clean one room of the house each day of the week. Personally, that method seemed like I had a lot of work to do, and I didn't like dragging out the vacuum cleaner several days in a row. I've done no cleaning, er well, no cleaning except sweeping/vacuuming and a quick swipe of the toilet/sink. (when pregnant or with new baby) Recently I've been doing task by task cleaning, and so far it really seems to fit my life.

Here's what I do:

Monday- take apart and clean stove top (believe it or not I didn't know this was needed or how until recently), wipe down appliances(coffeemaker, toaster,mixer, microwave,oven, dishwasher, refrigerator,washer and dryer), deep clean sink. I also do a general tidy up from the weekend.

Tuesday: dust, wipe screens, mirrors, screen doors, wipe down tables/banisters and surfaces in general

Wednesday: tub, shower, toilets, sinks, wipe down tiled walls

: sweep and mop hard floors

: vacuum whole house, and do any touching up on bathrooms, kitchen etc.

I've also been following a laundry schedule:

Monday- bedding and possibly one other load

Tuesday-towels, washcloths etc.

- kids' clothes

- more kid's clothes

Friday- Matt and my clothes

Now, this is just a general schedule, I don't always get it like this, inevitably there are interruptions that put me behind. But for the most part, all has gone well this week. Amazing considering my baby had a temperature of 106 Tuesday night! I had to take her to the doctor the next morning and she has double ear inflammation (not quite an infection) caused by a virus, which turns out to be Roseola. She has been very irritable this whole week and wanting me to hold/rock her. Also not to mention all the antics the other ones have been up to. A lot of my cleaning got done during nap times and with the older two helping me. They did a great job with the bathroom cleaning, especially getting in the shower to clean it and cleaning the base of the toilets. Sometimes my girls amaze me in a good way!

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runningtothecross said...

Hi Jessica!

I just found your blog through Candy's! I was wondering...in regards to your cleaning routine, when do you clean the bedrooms and such.

I am a mommy to six (9 and under) soon to be seven and we have major cleaning issues with keeping our bedrooms tidy. You seem very organized and such...any suggestions?

My biggest problem right now may just be an energy crisis on my end...I am 31 weeks pregnant today. And also I deal with a lot of round ligament pain that lasts 45 minutes or so when I overdo it. Usually I am highly energetic...but as I have gotten older, I don't have as much (I will be 34 on July 28).

Anyway, I saw that you said that nobody reads this anyway, well I took a glimpse over your most recent posts. I will probably be back! (O;

Have a great day!