August 1, 2007

I've had internet problems today, plus a very busy day in general! I was at Wal-Mart at 8:30am with all the kids buying a huge amount of groceries since we have company coming. Then I came home, put it all away, got our things together and headed to my mom's to drop the younger two off before I took my oldest to speech therapy. After that I stopped by the pediatrician's office to get some papers, stopped by a friend's house, picked up the other two kids, drove back to our town, stopped at a church to drop the paperwork off for my second child so she can go to preschool there, then home. I took my kids in and out of carseats 7 times! That's 21 times total since there are three of them! I cannot imagine what it will be like to just get in the car and not have to buckle everybody in or take diaper bag along.

I was thinking today, while driving, which is what I do a lot, that people might be surprised to learn a fact about me. See I am committed to dressing modestly and femininely, keeping home and making it a comfortable, cozy place to live, being a helpmeet to my husband and all that. People might put me into a certain type of 'group'.

But, I LOVE heavy rock music. I'm talking the screaming head-bangin' mosh pit stuff.

The first time I ever heard a Christian band playing rock music was DC Talk's Jesus Freak. It rocked my world (pun intended). I just had no idea that kind of music could have a Christian message. From then on I loved it. It somehow satisfies a deep need in me, like feelings and emotions that can only be expressed in musical form.

I am musical. I play the piano for church, I can sing pretty well, and I play the guitar. My husband is the worship leader, also playing guitar. When we were dating and after we married, he was in a heavy rock Christian band. They were so talented, just had a hard time finding a good singer. When they would practice our whole house vibrated. You could hear it outside the house. Forget trying to watch TV or even talk! I miss it though.

Some people might disagree that this music isn't edifying or glorifying the Lord because of the image it portrays, that of the world. But you know, all genres of music can be secular or Christian. I'm sorry, but sometimes plain old contemporary music artists bore me to tears. Turn it off! Where's the feeling? Where's the depth? Not all are like that, but some just rub me the wrong way. God is a God of power and might, strength and authority. Listening or playing powerful music proclaiming Him is good.

So, you can see me wearing my modest feminine dress, with a car load of kids, beating a rhythm on the steering wheel, or even head banging. If I feel stressed or down, rock makes me feel better.

My absolute favorite band is Creed. They aren't exactly Christian, but the songs have such substance and depth, and references to Scripture. The lead singer has become a Christian and is recording Christian songs now. Interestingly, when my second daughter was a baby, she hated the car, so I would turn up the Creed tape, which was all I had, as loud as I could and she would stop crying. No other music worked, had to be Creed- she probably heard it so much in utero that it soothed her, LOL. Next is Third Day (lots of praise and worship), Delirious, Kutlass, Project 86, Jeremy Camp.

I do listen to some contemporary and lots of worship songs too. But, when I'm having a bad day or feel stressed, Creed does the trick :)

So, there ya go, a surprising side of me :)

Now back to the search for cheap cloth diapers...


Valerie said...

I love this post!! I have loved Third Day for a couple of years now. My 7 yr old knows all the words by heart! LOL
'Listening or playing powerful music proclaiming Him is good.' So well put!
It's nice to know another rocking Christian :D

Anneatheart said...

Hi Valerie!

That's great that your child gets into the music. My 4 and 3 year old can do a mosh pit when we play it loud at home. LOL!!

Rocking Christians unite!

Mama said...

That is indeed a funny combination!!

Thirdtimemomma said...

:) You would get along fine with the Husband here. :) He loves the heavy stuff. The heavier the better. Now me on the other hand, I do enjoy some rockin out every now and then but would prefer the peace and quiet. :)

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