October 29, 2009

An Angel sent to Leiah

I mentioned the other day that I was going to write about something special regarding my oldest daughter Leiah.

We moved to this town two weeks before Samantha was born because the previous school district would not allow her to go regular ed kindergarten. They basically tried to make me think that their school was so advanced that Leiah could not possibly keep up, that no one was capable of assisting a child in the bathroom (teachers I mean), that all the children would be mean and pick on her because she was different and that she absolutely would NOT get an aid to help her.

So, it was a challenge to find a house, get a loan, and close on it in two months. But, by the power of God and our faith in action, we got it.

So many things have pointed to us that we did indeed hear from the Lord and we were meant to be here. We have wonderful neighbors, some which we already knew before we moved. The school is absolutely wonderful and they love Leiah and have made it a point to tell me so.

Back in September, on Grandparents' Day my mom went to school to eat lunch with my girls. When she saw Leiah's class coming, Leiah was walking down the hall with a group of girls surrounding her and holding her hand. Leiah's aid pointed out a little girl named Chloe that loved Leiah and was always holding her hand and helping her with everything.

After lunch, the little girl came to my mom and said that Leiah was her very best friend!

We all cried over that one. So the next day was Open House and I met her and her family. The NEXT day, I went to Target way far away and lady asked me if I was Leiah's mom. I said yes, and then I recognized that she was Chloe's mom. We talked and exchanged phone numbers and have been getting to know each other. I told her how much I loved her little girl for proving that Leiah can be in regular society without being ridiculed. Not only that, Chloe broke her arm shortly after that, but she still continuously holds Leiah's hand with that arm, and always has her arm around Leiah.

Last week they went to the Pumpkin Patch farm and I got to see Leiah's class and little Chloe in action. She is an angel. Here are some pictures and I'll point her out when I get there.

The main little 'auditorium' where they did a little skit and talk about the pumpkins.

Part of the farm.

The skit about growing pumpkins. The little blonde girl with flower petals on her head is Chloe.

Pickin' Punkins!

Now are the pictures of Leiah and Chloe. Getting arranged for the picture... (they're on the left)

Give me your hand Leiah...

Isn't so sweet?! Thank you for loving Leiah Chloe! There were other little girls that were quite possessive of Leiah. Yeah, she's a freak no one likes huh?


atomic momma said...

Thanks for a GREAT post. I really needed it after a long day of sick home, tired and cranky husband and a cry out to God for why I feel like I work nonstop these days as a wife and mother and get criticized for all I do. You lifted my spirits.

true blessings said...

aww that is so sweet!God is is good!I'm so happy for you and Leiah!

Just Me said...

What a beautiful testimony of God's love and concern for you and your daughter!

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

That brought tears to my eyes. I remember the emotion you had over the other school's thoughts on Leiah. I am so glad things are working out. The Lord never stops helping his children, does he? Great post and pics. You are one blesses momma.

liz from new york said...

With God, anything is possible!

atomic momma said...

This post has me asking you, as a mother - how I can reach out to other moms with children like Leiah. Our son isn't technically a "special needs" child - I really hate that term because all children are a gift from God and are here to teach us - but how can I arrange play dates with other kids like Leiah without offending their Moms? I want our boy to grow up seeing that he is no more special or valuable to God than the next person. We go to events with other kids and it seems like the special needs kids are shut out. I hope I haven't offended you but isn't our jobs as Christians to see us all equally and of equal value and here to learn something from each other?

Jess said...

This is such a beautiful blessing to your family. In the pictures who can just see how much this little girl likes your daughter. May God continue to bless your daughter and your family.