October 26, 2009

Unexpected Break

Apparently I took a blogging break!


Samantha hasn't been eating well and I've been really busy with that. She's going to try another medicine to see if it helps block acid from coming up the esophagus. I was gone on a field trip Wednesday, Thursday I had lots of housework to catch up on, I was out all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday then this morning Leiah woke up vomiting and I had Samantha's 2 month check up! Praise the Lord Leiah is fine now- it only lasted about 3-4hrs thanks to God answering our prayers. Samantha got some shots and is a little fussy, poor thing.

Baby has also been waking again in the early morning (4-5am) so I'm a bit sleep deprived as well. My eyelids are very heavy right now :)

Some day I will be a better blogger again. Right now things are just too busy.

I do have a new recipe to share- that's one thing I can do- COOK! I also have a very neat thing to share about my oldest daughter, Leiah's school experience. God totally brought us here.

So, I need to go get the crying baby quieted and at some point I'll be back to talk some more :)

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!
Oh, Samantha is adorable!
Her tummy troubles remind me of my eldest brother. He vomited everything as a baby ~ even breast milk. My mom was told by an old midwife to give him oatmeal water, which he ate for months and grew AND thrived on it. This was 50+ years ago, but he's not worse for it as he is a strong and healthy man ~ the father of many children. Certainly back then they didn't have the medications they do now, but I had to tell you about it just in case. Certainly can't hurt to try it as it might soothe her tummy. Mom just took oatmeal and soaked it, then warmed the excess liquid in a pot. It was a bit gelatinous, but I suppose that is what soothed his gut.
Also, I have heard "slippery elm" does a similar job. You can buy it at bulkherbstore.com, I think.

Anneatheart said...

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've heard of doing something similar with brown rice, but not oatmeal. The doctor sort of chewed me out Monday when I revealed that I had made her formula. But I felt I needed to be up front and honest about what she was eating. He said baby cereal was fine, raw cows milk not! Doctors don't know everything! THe prescription I am to try for her is $80 AFTER insurance coverage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!