October 14, 2009

I'm back to my old self again!

Posting here is hit and miss, eh? (That's my yooper coming out)

Well it has been an exceptionally busy week with extra appointments and stuff. Stuff like me deciding I should throw my mom a birthday party on Friday night. I decided it Sunday :)

So, my mom is such a giving person, and never expects anything for her birthday or Christmas nor acts like she wants anything- EVER! Because she has been such a huge blessing to me the last several months I really wanted to do something nice for her.

Friday night my sister's family will be here as well, so 6 adults and 7 kids will be piled in our home. The weather is supposed to cool down quite a bit, so I decided to make Ina Garten's cheddar corn chowder, sausage dogs with creamy mustard sauce, a cheese ball with crackers and apple slices, mulled cider (crockpot) and an insane chocolate layer cake decorated with candy corns and pumpkins.

And if you know me, there will be a fall tablecloth, pretty little pumpkins and mums, birthday candles on the cake and possible balloons and streamers.

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