October 5, 2009

Feeding Issues

I have been so busy with our little baby. The past week she started decreasing the amount of food she was eating. Then she starting fussing through feedings, get really burpy and gassy, spit up more, and finally just started totally refusing to eat. She eat about 1-2oz, then cry when we burped her and tried to give her more. She didn't fuss afterward, just looked around and smiled and such. It was really a puzzle.

I took her off the homemade stuff and tried a commerical formula with a lot less lactose and broken down whey protein. She did a little better, but then did worse. Finally, after going all night with only about an ounce of formula and then refusing to eat early that morning, I called the doctor. They wanted to check her out.

She was gaining weight well, she was 10lbs 1 oz, and fairly happy. No sore throat or anything, but based on what I described the doctor felt she had reflux. He gave me SOY formula. I didn't want to give it to her, but I wanted her to eat! So I did and she started eating better. I researched reflux in infants all day Saturday and she had all the symptoms and had had it for awhile I just didn't recognize it. She was doing better with the soy that day too. (wow that stuff stinks!)

Well, here is where my faith comes in. See I was praying all throughout the pregnancy that she would not have any digestive issues. So, this was really a surprise. I was stressing out about it and what to do because I didn't feel right about the soy. All night Saturday night I was stressing about it. And then I was like, duh! Do what you've been preaching to everyone woman! So we prayed over her and began standing on the Word for her healing. I felt that we should have our church anoint her with oil and pray as well, just to support me and because the Bible says that'... if any two agree in my name it shall be done." ( I'll have to find the reference later)

She didn't eat very well at all the rest of the day. So, I felt in my heart that I should act as if she was completely healed. I got a few ingredients for making a slightly modified formula, a Dr. Brown's bottle, came home, made it up and fed it to her and she loved it. She ended up drinking 3 bottles worth in 4 hours time!( 6pm, 8pm, 10:30 pm) No spitting or fussing or lots of burping. A sweet happy baby enjoying her food is what we have.

I praise God and give Him the glory. It wasn't enough for us to manage her symptoms so she didn't have to take medicine. I didn't want to have to try all different formulas or put lots of rice cereal in her bottle. I had already tried almost all the types of bottles and nipples at the store. (except Dr. Brown!) I wanted her complete and whole just the way I had been praying and believing. I wanted the best, and I can have it because His Word says I can. She slept all night, woke up at 6am and drank 4oz happily, no spit up, and laid down next to me and went back to sleep.

Big relief!

My girls are out of school today for a teacher thing, so we're all at home together and it's cloudy, rainy and wet outside. We're all in the jammies and they're watching Diego :) We'll get around here in a minute and get dressed etc. Maybe I'll get some pictures!

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prayzgod said...

Praising the Lord with you. That is fantastic! :-)